authors i’m giving a second chance

there are some books that i’ve read that made me not want to read from some authors, but with these authors i plan on giving them a second chance for reasons lmao.

  • Rainbow Rowell – I did not like Eleanor & Park at all. I thought it had a lot of problematic elements in it and it just made me cringe. I did however really enjoy Rainbow Rowell’s simple but beautiful writing. I also thought that E&P COULD have been pretty good if not for those cringy moments of racism. I’ve heard that her book Fangirl is really amazing and her other book Carry On is excellent too and is a companion of sorts for Fangirl. But we’ll have to see whether I agree or not.
  • Tahereh Mafi – The Shatter Me series was just…very meh. It had a lot of poor characterization, character regression, a lot of fanservicy content, Mary Sues & Gary Stus, and the writing gave me headaches. It was “dystopian” but in the sense that it was never well-developed and the world-building was barely there. It felt like reading a bad fan-fiction. However I did appreciate some of her writing and thought it would work well…in a different genre. Which is where Furthermore and Whichwood come in.
  • Nicola Yoon – Everything, Everything was an okayish book, save for the “twist” which like many people have said is outright ableist. I did appreciate though the simple but effective writing of Nicola Yoon though and loved that she wrote a mixed race (Black/Japanese) character and an interracial relationship. So I’ve heard her second book, The Sun Is Also a Star in so much better and less offensive and it also includes an interracial couple between a Haitian girl & Korean boy and is about their experiences as immigrants.
  • Nina LaCour – The Disenchantments was a standalone that I thought  I would LOVE. It had a lot of things that I enjoy, cool rock bands and music, a whole page dedicated to one of my favorite bands Sleater-Kinney. But I just could not stand the book’s narrator and main protagonist, Colby. He was just whiny and pretentious and unbearable. He was “the nice guy” to Bev, his best friend and love interest, who is made out to be a jerk for not taking Colby’s feelings into consideration. The Disenchantments disappointed me so much that I did not finish it. BUT I have heard that Nina’s other books are much better AND contain f/f relationships specificially in Everything Leads to You & We Are Okay. Both have beautiful covers too. So I’m way more excited to read those.


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