18 Reading Goals for 2018

It’s taken me a while to really decide how I would approach this list and exactly what my goals are for the year but now I’m here with some things I want to accomplish this year in regards to reading and anything related to that. It’s 18 goals because it’s 2018. Which I know is pretty cliche, but at least I have some goals!

1. Complete the 2018 Goodreads Challenge (Read 18 books)
2. Read books that I already own before buying more (this is a major problem for me)
3. Read more diverse books
– books with diverse representation and/or written by diverse/marginalized authors
4. Read more “grown up” books
– basically books that aren’t in the YA section and more into New Adult and up.
5. Read at least one book a week
6. Read more classic novels or books that are critically acclaimed
7. Read books I have DNF’d or have put on hold
12. Read lesser known/indie books
13. Explore genres I don’t normally read but especially:
– Romance
– Historical fiction
– Thriller/Horror
– Nonfiction
14. Donate or sell books I own that I didn’t enjoy or like so someone else can find can enjoyment in them.
15. Start reading with friends
16. Recommend books that I like to other people
17. Get a library card
18. Read audiobooks

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