February Favorites

Ending off the month with a February Favorites. I see people do these and its a fun way to reveal some other things I love besides books!

Here’s a few things that I enjoyed in the month of February!

  1. Twin Peaks (Seasons 1-2; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)

    twin peaks

    So I finally got around to watching Twin Peaks and I LOVED IT. It instantly has become one of my favorite TV series. There’s so much that made me really invested in the series. The characters are so weird, quirky, complex, and memorable. I have so many favorites like Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Shelly Johnson, Pete Martell, Lucy Moran, Andy Brennan….ugh I have so many more favorites. The cast is just so wonderful. The soundtrack is so great, it has this 50s-ish Noir kind of vibe, it’s so soothing but also ominous. The story itself it great and its interesting to see how the story unfolds especially in the first season. While the 2nd, is pretty meh in the middle of it, I still enjoyed the characters and atmosphere. I also really liked the prequel film Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me about Laura Palmer. I know I also need to watch the revival series that aired last year, so I need to save up some money to get the Blu-Ray and finish the entirety of the series

2. The End of the F***ing World

the end of the fng world

This show, like Twin Peaks, was weird, dark, and wonderful. It’s about two British teens, Alyssa and James, who decide to get away from their dysfunctional home lives and go on the run. The other catch is that James is possibly going to try to kill Alyssa. Yeah, it’s pretty dark. Both characters are really wonderful and complicated. Alyssa is a hot mess and James is possibly a psychopath. But throughout the series you see more sides to them that show they just come from complicated environments and just want true companionship, which they try to find in each other. The soundtrack is also super good. I would highly recommend this show if you like dark comedies with messy characters. Sort of along the lines of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

3. Stranger in the Alps – Phoebe Bridgers (album)

phoebe bridgers stranger in the alps

I’m not sure how much I can go into detail how much I loved listening to this album. The music just really soothes and it was perfect for reading! If you liked indie folk, you’d probably enjoy this as well.

4. Amazon Fire Stick 

I finally got an Amazon Fire Stick and I LOVE IT. I can watch every subscription streaming service I have like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Filmstruck, etc. all in one place. Plus I can finally get rid of my cable.

5. Habitica (APP) 


This is an app that I’ve found very useful in keeping track of my daily routine, habits, and to-do lists! It functions sort of like an RPG-game where you get experience and health either taken or given to you as you check off things you’ve completed.

habitica 2.png

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