Where to Get Cheap Books

As a book blogger and a reader, it’s hard to buy a lot of books. Books are usually pretty high in prices, especially new releases. So if you’re like me and are broke AF and want to buy more books without spending so much money, here are a few websites, apps, and places where you can find cheap priced books. 

thriftbooks logo

Thriftbooks sells used/pre-owned books for prices as low as $3.90. I just discovered this website a few months ago and I’m very satisfied with not only the prices but also the wide variety. I particularly like YA books and they have just about anything you’re looking for. Granted sometimes they don’t always have the exact book but you can put it on your Wishlist and they’ll alert you whenever it becomes available. Also the conditions of the book may vary depending on how much you want to spend. The conditions of the book range from NEW / LIKE NEW / VERY GOOD / GOOD / ACCEPTABLE. A few months ago I got some of the VERY GOOD & a GOOD book and they all were in those exact conditions.

depop logo 2

Depop is a fairly new app that’s very similar to eBay where you can sell a variety of items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, music, movies, and of course books. I’ve found plenty of books off of here from various people and the conditions are really great. However they don’t obviously have everything. But the prices I’m come across are super reasonable. The lowest amounts I’ve spent on some books have been $1-5 dollars.

Goodwill + Other Thrift Stores 

A lot of thrift stores I’ve been to like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. sell used books for usually a $1 or less. One time I bought 10 books all but for $4 dollars.


I know this is like an obvious choice but LIBRARIES ARE AMAZING. You get books for free and you can join for free. Seriously thought support your local library. They have whatever variety of books you want from classics to new releases.

Kindle Deals

I don’t own a Kindle but I know that they offer deals and low prices for many eBooks. So I’d highly recommend it if you have a Kindle!!


Speaking of Kindle, Amazon I’ve noticed also puts out deals & discounts for hardcovers & paperbacks. You just have to check to see what book you want and sometimes the price will be lowered.

Bargain Stores / Dollar Stores 

Most places have a bargain store chain such as the Dollar Tree or Dollar General or whatever you have. There’s plenty of bargain stores around me where I have found some surprisingly great books being sold at around $1.

2 thoughts on “Where to Get Cheap Books

  1. […] First though I want to preface that this isn’t me showing off how many books I got because its taken me A WHILE and a lot of patience to collect these books. I don’t want anyone to think I’m bragging. So I will apologize beforehand if this offends anyone. I got most of them for pretty cheap prices too. If you want to find cheap like I did I made this post a couple of days ago where I talk about how I get a lot of books for cheap/bargain prices which you can read here. […]


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