March Favorites

Time for my monthly favorites post! This month I watched a lot of great movies that I hadn’t seen yet (and one was a rewatch) that have all become some of the my favorite movies. I also watched a full TV series and started another one.


The Florida Project
the florida project

This honestly got robbed at the Oscars. This film was devastatingly beautiful and whimiscal. I loved the story of Moonee and even her really complicated and dysfunctional mother, Halley as they figure out their lives. This movie shows off the amazing scenery of Central Florida and its landmarks. Being from around that area near Orlando I loved seeing these places I’m so familiar with shown in such a beautiful way. Also I really related to the boredom and also magic of living in Florida during the summers.

Jackie Brown
jackie brown
A fun Quentin Tarantino flick that I think is highly underrated. 

Dead Poets Society
dead poets society

WOW I enjoyed this movie so much. I really hate to say this because of how cliche it will sound but it really is such an inspirational movie.

But I’m a Cheerleader
but im a cheerleader
I’ve always been a fan of campy cult comedies and this really hit the nail on that. I loved the characters and the comedy but I also loved the message of the movie that being gay isn’t a bad thing and isn’t something you should try to change just because the people around you want you to. Its also one of the few f/f romances that I’ve seen in a while that has a happy ending.

This is based off of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon and the Hannibal Lecter series-verse-whatever. This was made back in the 80s and its so wonderfully EIGHTIES. LOL I really enjoyed its aesthetics but the acting from the main actors were incredible. Will Graham, Hannibal, and the main villain The Tooth Fairy really shine.

What We Do in the Shadows
what we do in the shadows

I first watched this movie last year and I immediately fell in love with it. I decided to watch it again on a whim and I fell in love again. Its such a hilariously, well crafted mockumentary that I love. So many jokes. Taika Waititi directed this and has become one of my favorite directors in recent history. If you loved Thor Ragnarok which was also directed by Taika Waititi you should also watch this and Hunt for the Wilderpeople!


I cried the entire time watching this. It’s really no wonder why this WON at the Oscars. The movie is shot beautifully and is so heartbreaking but eye-opening.

Lady Bird
lady bird

Mother and daughter relationships in movies are always an interesting topic for me since I have a really great relationship with my mom. But this movie was really good in so many ways. I related a lot to Lady Bird herself. I really can’t wait to see more movies by Greta Gerwig and also more Saoirse Ronan movies!


The Americans (S1)
the americans s1

I’ve only seen the first season but I already enjoy the hell out of this series. The Americans is a great espionage thriller drama. Can’t wait to continue watching this.


Ugh this show this show. I loved it but also kind of hated it? I think the cinematography and acting is AMAZING and possibly one of the best horror television series I’ve ever watched. Although I had some problems with the pacing and the plot or lack thereof especially during the first half of S3. But overall I really admired this show and its main character Hannibal played by Mads Mikkelsen and Hannibal punny jokes involving eating people.

Land of the Lustrous
land of the lustrous tv series
This is an anime of a manga series I’m currently reading. This involves gems who are non-binary and use they/them pronouns. But the main story is about these gems called The Lustrous and one in particular, Phos, who is trying to find their place in the land. Phos has instantly become a favorite character of mine and I can’t wait to read more of the manga and hopefully a second season.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride
the ancient magus bride

The first half this series aired back in November (don’t quote me on this) and the second half continued into 2018 which wrapped up a while ago. I thought this was a beautiful and magical series that while I thought had some pacing issues since apparently they skip around some stuff in the manga, kept me begging for more each week. I’m keeping my eyes out for the second season whenever that happens.


My Best Friend’s B-Day

Amazon Fire Stick

Got a Library Card!!!

Thanks for reading! Comment down below some things you enjoyed during the month!


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