Top Ten Tuesday- Frequently Used Words in YA Titles

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This week’s TTT theme for April 24 is “Frequently Used Words In [Insert Genre/Age Group] Titles”. I decided to go with YA, because 1) it’s what I’ve been reading the most of lately and 2) YA tends to overuse a lot of specific words for marketing and etc. So it’ll be kind of an easy one.


Possibly the most common, since girls are a major target audience for YA books, no matter the genre. Here’s just a few books that are on my TBR that have the word “girl” or “girls” in the title.


Another word that expands to different genres within YA. Here’s some on my TBR.


Typically used more in YA fantasy books, with a few exceptions like Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde. Here’s just a few that have word “queen” in them. There’s much much more out there but that would be a really long list.


All of these are YA fantasy but still, it’s frequently used. Also there’s some crossover with Girls Made of Snow and Glass having both the word “girls” and “glass” in the title


Maybe not as common but there’s a quite a few books that I’ve seen lately with “song” in the title.


A very specific number but I’ve seen it pop up a lot in YA titles.


You’ve already seen this word in previous titles, this word pops up a lot in YA fantasy and science fiction, but one rare occasion that isn’t SFF is for Blood Water Paint, which is historical fiction. Of course it also appears in MANY YA vampire books.


More appearances in YA fantasy titles it seems.


This one is quite common no matter the genre.


And last but not least. Stars!!




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