May Favorites


This Monthly Faves is a lot shorter than most since I spent most of the month actually reading. But I did have a few things to share. So here were some of the things that kept me entertained this month!


Avengers: Infinity War

avengers infinity war poster 2

So of course I saw Infinity War. I enjoyed it quite a bit despite having some issues with it, like the ending and I didn’t really care for Thanos at all as a villain, and a few other things here and there but overall it was a great experience. I loved most of the jokes especially from Drax. I loved that they kept most of Thor’s characterization from Thor: Ragnarok because that’s the best version of Thor yet and I love the character interactions. IMO it went well enough for having SO many characters, even though I felt some characters didn’t get enough screen time. THAT ENDING THOUGH….Anyways I can’t for the second part of this just to see what happens.

Black Panther

black panther poster

Everyone already knows how good this is. But WOW. Like everything about this movie is stunning and incredible. The futuristic themes mixed in African culture was amazing. I loved basically all of the characters. T’Challa is great and I enjoyed his arc and also his relationship with Nakia (which is the best MCU relationship and its so underapprecited  BTW). The movie is also the MCU’s most feminist. All the women in this are so kick-ass and have agency. My faves were definitely Shuri and Okoye. Also I loved M’Buku. Killmonger is one of the best MCU villains and Michael B. Jordan nailed that role. So I can’t wait to see more of Wakanda in the sequel!!!



I got a Kindle!!! I was pretty stoked especially since the day after I got it there were all these deals for books I’ve been wanting to get for like 2.99 or less. Pretty exciting.

Buzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural

buzfeed unsolved

Buzzfeed Unsolved has been a fave of mine for a long while now but I hadn’t shared my love for this series yet. The boys are great and I easily get scared out by this kind of stuff but I still watch it anyways. I’m a Boogara but I do enjoy Shane’s snarkiness a lot. I especially liked the Phoenix Lights stuff this season. I really wish they’d do more alien stuff.

Anyways thanks for reading this pointless post if you liked it share some of your fave things that you enjoyed this month!


6 thoughts on “May Favorites

  1. I was actually getting super bored of superhero movies (I didn’t see the newest Thor, Spiderman, or Black Panther!!) because there are just so many of them but I went to see Infinity War and I thought it was amazing. I definitely have to go back and watch the ones I missed now!

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    • Honestly I kind of feel the same about superhero movies from time to time. I can get tired of them, especially if I feel that they don’t really offer me something unique or different from any other superhero movie. But there have been so many exceptions lately.

      I would highly recommend Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok!

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