Top Ten Tuesday – Ten (Or So) YA Sci-Fi Books That I’ve Recently Added to My TBR


This week’s topic was a choice between either doing Best Books I’ve Read In 2018 (So Far) and TTT Throwback. So I chose TTT Throwback since I really just joined in on TTT and I know that I’ve missed out on so many great topics!

I went for Ten Books From X Genre That I’ve Recently Added to My TBR List. I chose Sci-Fi because I love Sci-Fi but I haven’t read much from that genre in a long while and there’s so many out there that I have my eye on.

Hope y’all enjoy this! This post will probably end up being long so I’m going to go ahead and apologize lol.


The Truth Lies Here by Lindsey Klingele

the truth lies here

This is described as MEN IN BLACK meets STRANGER THINGS and has some mystery and comedic elements in it. Also the cover is fantastic! 👍 👍

This comes out next month on the 21st!

Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan

ignite the stars maura milan cover

An Asian protagonist in a sci-fi adventure!! Sounds awesome!!

This one comes out in September of this year!

A Conspiracy of Stars + An Anatomy of Beasts by Olivia A. Cole

This sounds incredible and has a lot of potential to be a great series. This is sci-fi set on another planet/universe which I’m absolutely here for. Also the MC is named Octavia which I’m assuming is after Octavia E. Butler, a sci-fi ICON.

The second book An Anatomy of Beasts comes out in 2019.

Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski

dare mighty things

This is about teenagers being sent into space. Sounds like a bunch of terrible mistakes will be made. But what really has me wanting to read this is the MC is an asexual Indian-American and the book has other rep as well.

Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne

brightly burning

This a Jane Eyre retelling set in space! Sounds pretty neat even though I haven’t quite read all of Jane Eyre, I get the gist of it. I just enjoy the idea of a love story set in space.

Want + Ruse by Cindy Pon

This is a dystopian that looks very cool and is set in near-future Taipei. THOSE COVERS. WOW. I’ve just heard a lot of great things about Want and I just want to get into this series.

Ruse comes out next year!!

This Mortal Coil + This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada

I don’t really know that much about this series but that it has something to do with hacking and DNA. Sounds up my alley!!

This Cruel Design, the sequel comes out this October!

The Last 8 by Laura Pohl

the last 8

Teenagers having to face aliens after said aliens invade Earth. Sounds great to me. The main character, Clover is a bisexual aromantic Latina and this is #OWNVoices rep! Plus the author herself added content warnings for this in the Goodreads comments, which I highly applaud her for and wish more authors (but really publishing) did more of!

Content warning: Clover struggles with both PTSD/depression, and even discusses a suicide attempt.

Dealing in Dreams by Lilliam Rivera

dealing in dreams cover

This is a dystopia about an all-girl crew!!! SIGN ME THE F*CK UP which is described as THE OUTSIDERS meets MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Whoever comes up with these descriptions just gets me and my taste.

The Pioneer by Bridget Tyler

the pioneer cover

Okay this was honestly a cover-add but the synopsis of the MC being a space cadet and having to save her team sounds interesting.

*bi the way look at those colors 👀👀👀*

BONUS: Books With No Covers Yet But Sound Interesting

Goddess in the Machine by Lora Beth Johnson

When a girl wakes from a cryogenic sleep on a planet she doesn’t recognize, she must team up with the mysterious soldier who woke her to navigate a future world where technology is considered magic and its practitioners revered as Deities. The first book in the duology is scheduled for summer 2020.

The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah

In 2099, the world is submerged a thousand feet beneath the ocean’s surface, and in Great Britain an undercurrent of fear courses through everyone’s lives. Fear that must be maintained at all costs.
Sixteen-year-old British Muslim Leyla McQueen loves blasting punk rock and racing in her submersible. But when Leyla’s innocent papa is arrested, she must use her racing prowess for more than just thrills. Leyla must participate in the challenging London Submersible Marathon for the chance to win her papa’s freedom.
The submersible race takes an unexpected turn, though. Then when new information about her papa’s situation comes to light, Leyla must face her own fears, and act. If she wants to find and rescue her papa, Leyla will have to venture outside of London for the very first time. To make matters worse, the hotheaded and maddening teen, Ari, thinks he’ll be accompanying her—no bloody way.
Leyla must remain defiant and cling to hope. She will have to brave the unfathomable waters, defy the oppressive authorities, and learn to work with the ever-secretive Ari, who is slowly working his way into her heart. But as she discovers a world drowning in lies, how much longer can Leyla hold out hope for the truth? If her faith in her quest wavers, she risks capture—or worse. And her beloved Papa could be lost forever.

Signs of Life by Megan Miranda

Crown has bought Signs of Life by Megan Miranda. Pitched as a teen Contact meets Stranger Things, the story is about a girl and boy who connect when each discovers an inexplicable scientific frequency, which suggests their family tragedies are mysteriously connected. Publication is scheduled for spring 2019.

Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor

Orlando Dos Reis at Scholastic Press has bought world rights to Tarnished Are the Stars, a debut YA science fiction novel by Rosiee Thor, in which a queer outlaw mechanic must team up with her worst enemies—the son of the man responsible for a sweeping epidemic of deadly heart disorders, and the alluring spy posing as his betrothed—to save her village and the planet. Publication is slated for 2019; Saba Sulaiman at Talcott Notch Literary Services brokered the deal.

Thanks for reading!!!


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