Top 5 Tuesday – Worst Book Covers

top 5 tuesday

This is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. Check their blog out for more info on this!!

This week’s topic is: Worst Book Covers 

A lot of these I discovered while browsing Book Outlet, so I can’t comment on the content of these books. For all I know these could be quality 5 star reads and I’m missing out by judging their books covers. But judging is what we’re doing today so let’s get to it!

I think I really found the best of the worst. The most bizarre out there. Especially the last one I have on here lol. I ended up having a little more than 5 because I have to share the awfulness of these covers.

Also I don’t want to be like “the people who made these covers are the worst!1!!” Its just a job and its also not the author’s fault which is not true. They don’t get to decide how their cover will look for the most part.

cleopatra confesses cover

This was a Book Outlet “discovery”. White washing??? In a book about Cleopatra??? No thanks. Her brows are very nice though.

the eyes of kid mias

THOSE SUNGLASSES. This screams early 2000s.

He’s ~CoOL and eDGy~

He is….Kid Midas.

the revolution of ivy


Twilight-Esque Covers for Classic Stories*

Book Publisher #1: How are we going to get the teens of today to read classic books?

Book Publisher #2: Well, I hear the kids these days really like this book called Twilight. Something about sparkly vampires. Let’s just copy the cover and those dumb teens won’t know the difference!

Book Publisher #1: BRILLIANT! Totally on fleek! *dabs poorly*

steve buscemi kids

*But to be honest I honestly don’t think that was necessarily an AWFUL idea. Publishers change covers for classic books ALL the time to get the younger generation more interested in them.

Not gonna lie this series seriously looks fun AF. This probably really fucking good. It’s got MERMAIDS. Her makeup and SHE HAS GREEN HAIR!! *chef’s kiss* Like it looks cringey but the fun kind of cringe.

another one from this author

oh my gods

Again, this probably is fun a book. So I’m not going to full out judge this.

I thought this was a series but apparently not?? Anyways. Another book that screams “This was a book published in the early 00s”.

Drumroll please…

crazy lady cover

Ahhh…yes…. there’s nothing quite like ableism in the 1990s. I have no idea who thought this would be a good idea in the slightest. WTF.

In conclusion: I think covers especially for Young Adult books/series have gotten A LOT better. Many are very stylized and artistic. So many of my favorite covers are YA covers. There’s a lot more effort put into books for teens today that  I don’t think was really a huge priority back when most of these were published. Now there’s some more thought put onto the covers such as the models used especially concerning books diverse characters and books by diverse authors.

Thanks for reading! Hope y’all enjoy this!


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