Top Ten Tuesday – Bingeworthy TV Shows

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This week’s topic is: Bingeworthy TV/Moves. 

I’m so happy that this week’s topic is a non-bookish one because I’m catching up on so many books right now and this gives me some time to read them because I can name off so many shows that I’m currently binge-watching and ones that I’ve enjoyed before.

Disclaimer: While I do recommend all of these, I know that a lot of these shows are not for everyone.

Killing Eve

killing eve poster

This is my current binge watch and I’m taking my time with it because it’s super good and I know it’s going to be a favorite by the time I finish it. Both of the main actresses (Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer) are INCREDIBLE. I hope Sandra gets the Emmy. I love so much about this show from the plot, the characters, to costumes (especially Villanelle’s). I don’t want to spoil too much about this but if you like espionage shows and killer female badasses, then this is the show for you.

Sharp Objects

sharp objects poster 2

Another current binge watch that I’m watching slowly since it’s only a miniseries. Very dark and emotional. So far. This deals with a lot of intense subjects such as self harm and abuse, so be aware of that.

Breaking Bad

breaking bad poster

I actually binged this about a year or two years ago (wow my memory is poor). It definitely deserves to be known as one the best television series of all time. It only has 5 seasons which is kind of unusual for an American show (we make our shows last until they get bad). I feel that the entire story of Walter White is told perfectly and there isn’t any episode that I think felt out of place or didn’t work.

Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls title

I picked this one just because the Fall season is coming and this show has such a great fall aesthetic. I also really really adore Gilmore Girls. The main focus is its mother/daughter relationship and I actually watched this with my mom.

Twin Peaks

twin peaks

I finally watched all of the original run (not including The Return) earlier this year. This is one of my favorite shows ever and I love the weirdness of it all.

True Blood

true blood poster 1

Also since it’s almost October, why not through in some Southern Vampires? This is one of my favorites just for the sole fact of how campy it is. I’ll admit I haven’t actually finished this series so I have gone back to watch it recently. I’m currently on S3. Although I’ve heard the later seasons aren’t good at all.

The End of the F******g World

the end of the fng world

This was another show I watched earlier this year and it became an instant fave. It has a bizarre and dark twist on the fake-dating trope and its such a unique show IMO.

The Office

the office cast

Of course I had to throw in my fave comedy series. I always watch this when I’m feeling down or just bored. Best seasons IMO are S3-S5.


psych poster

Another comedy series that I love. Its super cheesy at times but I still enjoy it, especially the dynamic between Shawn and Gus!

The X-Files

x files intro title

I always find myself coming back to this series around the fall season. There’s also different ways to watch The X-Files. You can 1) watch it all entirely 2) Watch only the “mythology” episodes only 3) watch the monster-of-the-week episodes only. I’m personally more of a fan of the monster-of-the-week stuff but I still enjoyed the mythology episodes from the earlier seasons.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bingeworthy TV Shows

  1. Wow! Great list! Killing Eve sounds like an amazing show, I hadn’t heard of it before?? I’ve been out of the loop…
    I’ve watched a few episodes of Psych, but never committed to it, do you think that I should? I haven’t seen True Blood in SO LONG!! And truthfully I didn’t finish it either… There are just too many series… 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • Killing Eve airs on BBC America so that’s probably why. I just heard about it from Twitter lol. It is really great and honestly I gave a pretty vague description of it but I’m glad you’re interested in it!

      I personally enjoy Psych but I can see why some people couldn’t get into it, but I’d say give it another shot! It gets better with each season IMO.


    • I think I have heard of it before but I haven’t seen it. But it sounds like it’ll be up my alley if it’s along the same lines of Killing Eve and The End of the F***ing World.

      Gilmore Girls is so iconic!


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