On a Sunbeam (DRC) by Tillie Walden Review ~ An Interstellar Queer Love Story

on a sunbeam tillie walden

Release Date: October 2

Two timelines. Second chances. One love.

A ragtag crew travels to the deepest reaches of space, rebuilding beautiful, broken structures to piece the past together.

Two girls meet in boarding school and fall deeply in love—only to learn the pain of loss.

With interwoven timelines and stunning art, award-winning graphic novelist Tillie Walden creates an inventive world, breathtaking romance, and an epic quest for love.

Content warning: bullying; misgendering (called out as wrong in text)

The 6 Reasons Why I ADORED On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

1. The diverse cast – nearly all of the characters seen in the story are female but there are also non-binary characters; plus there are characters of color! ⭐️

2. A F/F romance that is so adorable and has a happy ending! 🌙


3. The Found Family trope is here in full effect! The relationships between the group is heartwarming to see. They play a space D&D game together 💜

4. THE ART. The stunning and immersive art! Tillie Walden uses color schemes to differentiate between the two timelines and its works so well. 🎆

5. The phenomenal world-building 🌌

 6. Lux – A fictional sport that they play in this universe. So cool and unique! 🌠

I can’t to read Tillie Walden’s other works and also I hope to grab a physical copy of this gorgeous graphic novel!

Thanks to First Second Books and NetGalley for providing me with a digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.


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