Top Five Wednesday – Characters I’d Dress Up as for Halloween

halloween nightmare before christmas gif 1

The topic for today is October 31st: Characters You’d Cosplay
– Feature some characters you’d like to cosplay as or you think would make a fun Halloween costume.

There will be more than 5 because I had a fun time trying to figure out what characters I would chose and the outfits that go into them and I just ended in this loophole.


Howl Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle

howl outfit from howls moving castle

The most fabulously dressed and charming as heck wizard himself! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH.

Carrie White from Carrie

carrie gif 1

I did say there would be blood. Carrie White’s iconic moment @ prom night. I think an AMAZING Halloween costume should ideally have fake (or maybe even real) blood.

Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon

sailor mercury 1.gif

Fun fact: Sailor Mercury’s birthday is September 10th which also happens to my birthday! So this is pretty much destiny that one day I will dress up as Sailor Mercury.

The Bride / Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill

the bride kill bill

A badass lady with a sword is my kind of outfit!

Penny Lane from Almost Famous

penny lane gif 2.gif

I’ll take any chance I get to dress like Penny Lane and her super groovy 70s look.

Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files

dana scully 1.gif

My favorite “tired of everyone’s bullshit” leading lady. I just need to someone to be my Agent Mulder LOL.

Raven from Teen Titans

raven teen titans

One of my favorite goth girls in history. She’s also super cool.

Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z

android 18 3.gif

One of my favorite Dragon Ball characters and she’s a total badass but she’s also really nice despite what this gif looks like. SHE’S A GOOD GUY…eventually. I swear.

Napoleon Dynamite from Napoleon Dynamite

napoleon dynamite gif

I don’t know if I could ever pull of these moves but I do have the dorky awkwardness of Napoleon lol.

sav bonaf bottom logo 1

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