Top 5 Wednesday – Friendsgiving Guests

Top Five Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes! You can join and find this month’s topics here on Goodreads! 

This week’s topic is – Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving. I decided to put together a very eclectic and dysfunctional bunch of characters to liven up my Friendsgiving party. 

The Entire Cast of The Diviners series

This group of teenagers with freaky superpowers would definitely throw a great party, especially Evie O’Neill, the ultimate party girl. But I would especially love to hang out with Theta, Memphis, Henry, and Ling. They all just seem so chill. Plus Henry and Theta can be the entertainment since Henry plays music and Theda can sing. 

Jude & Cardan from The Cruel Prince 

They’d definitely be an interesting pair alright lol, hopefully they just don’t try to kill each other…or everyone else at the party. I would like to try some of that fae food though! But without the enchantment and delusion. 

Isobel & Rook from An Enchantment of Ravens

Another couple that I think would liven things up. Plus Isobel can paint portraits for the other guests! 

Jane Sinner from Nice Try, Jane Sinner

I think Jane would be the perfect person to snark with at the party and she’d most definitely love being surrounded by all these weirdo fae and super powered teenagers from the 1920s. 

Thanks for reading! And Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who is celebrating in the States here!

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