2019 Reading + Blogging Goals

It’s the last day of 2018. I’m finally glad this year is over. It honestly wasn’t a great year for me for many personal reasons but 2018 had a few good moments and most of them involved reading and blogging!

Since everyone has been putting out their goals I decided to share some of mine. These aren’t goals I’m going to force myself to complete. If I do all of them then AMAZING but if I only do one then I’ll still be satisfied.

Create a bookstagram

I hope to have this goal finished by the end of January!

Redesign my blog

This one might take a while but I want to change a few things on my blog such as the design and features etc. etc.

Participate in a blog tour

I had a few chances this year to be in a blog tour but nevertheless my anxiety prevented me from it. Also I was quite busy so there’s that too.

Participate in Blogmas / Blogtober

I’m not exactly consistent with my posts as many of y’all can tell but I’ve seen how other people have done Blogtober & Blogmas and it looks fun.

Finish a Readathon

In 2018 I participated in 2 readathons, one of which I never even started and the other I only read one book. I’m looking out for a readathon where I have a few books to read in a short amount of time.

Watch and review a book to movie/tv adaptation each month AND Read the book that it was based on.

A feature I want to have on my blog. Maybe? We’ll see how it one folds out.

Put myself out there more on social media and interact more with other bloggers and authors

This one is my BIGGEST for 2019. I had a lot of setbacks and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to participated in bookish things and I held myself back because of anxiety and just the fear of putting myself out there. I also have such a limited social media presence.

Blog hop more!

It’s always a good goal to discover more bloggers!

Get to 200 followers!

A simple goal but this one would be awesome!

Keep track of reading and blogging in my 2019 bullet journal

I got another bullet journal and I can’t wait to start on it. I’m specifically ging to track more of my reading and blogging in it.

Prioritize reading and reviewing ARCs.

THIS SO MUCH. I did this pretty well in 2018 and I hope to keep on with this in 2019.

Promote books better

2019 is going to be the year where I talk way too much about the books I loved so be prepared.

Read 40 books for my Goodreads challenge

Last year I made my Goodreads challenge at 25 then I moved it up to 30. I think 2019 is the year I can move up to at least 40 books.

Read more historical fiction

Historical fiction is a favorite of mine and I didn’t read much besides Homegoing (which is a stellar book btw). There’s so many great ones coming out in 2019 that I’m keeping an eye on like The Weight of Our Sky, The Downstairs Girl, All Is Fair, Lovely War, and A Place for Wolves.

Read more sci-fi

Sci-fi is also a fave and I just didn’t read ANY. 2019 is also offering some out-of-this-world sci-fi stories such as The Last 8, The Pioneer, Once & Future, The Light at the Bottom of the World.

Make more discussions posts

I will admit to having zero confidence in my writing and critical thinking skills but I would love to write up discussion posts especially ones focusing on characters in YA!

Write!!! + Participate in NaNoWriMo

Self-explanatory. I have many WIPs as many of us bloggers do.

Complete the PopSugar Reading + Book Riot Read Harder Challenges

I didn’t complete either of these challenges during 2018 so I need to redeem myself! This year’s prompts for both are exciting and I can’t wait to expand my reading tastes as well.

Get more followers on Twitter

This one I actually don’t care too much about but uhhhh I’m just going to plug my twitter here…. @savvy_reads Follow if you’d like.

8 thoughts on “2019 Reading + Blogging Goals

  1. This is a really wonderful list of goals! I have A LOT of the same ones, I also want to interact more and be more active on social media, start writing my WIP and write more discussions. I’m rooting for both of us and I have a lot of faith in your writing and critical thinking skills πŸ’• Good luck with all these goals! 😊

    (You should try tweeting about your blog follower goal, there’s so many great threads rn where bloggers are helping each other reach their yearly goals. It helped me reach mine!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! πŸ’œ I’ll be rooting for you as well. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for both of us! βœ¨πŸ’•

      Also that sounds like a great idea! Twitter is quite amazing when it comes to stuff like that. πŸ™‚


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