Top 5 Wednesday – Reading Resolutions

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I know I’ve discussed some of my reading and blogging goals recently but I want to in depth with some of my reading goals and what plans I have for 2019.

Read more historical fiction

There’s plenty of historical fiction coming out this year and I’m so ready to read them! I really enjoy this genre and I didn’t read that much of it last year. I also hope to get around to reading historical fiction that is diverse of course.

Read more sci-fi

Another genre that I consider a favorite that I didn’t enough of last year. In fact I don’t think I read ANY sci-fi novels last year. 2019 has some sci-fi releases that have caught my eye.

Venture into the romance genre

I don’t think I’ve ever actually read an honest to god romance novel and I should definitely remedy that this year. I have a few in mind to read in 2019 and I can’t wait to read a genre that I don’t ever read.

Read more series

I own a lot of series and most of them I haven’t started yet or ones I need to finish. Look out for a series TBR soon from me because I’ll need it!

Complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge – 40 Books

I made my goal 30 last year and I think going a little bit higher is good enough for me. I have plenty of books I own both in physical and digital formats as well as ARCs (thanks NetGalley gods and goddesses!) I’m so ready to complete my Goodreads goal again this year.

Let me know some of your reading resolutions 🙂


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