F is For Friday – April 5 2019

How to participate in the meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag and link back — Nomadic Worlds
2. Answer the four questions to the best of your ability.
3. Most important of all, enjoy yourself!

F – Feature your latest book obsession (it doesn’t have to be your current read)
I – Indicate which book/s you are looking forward to reading this weekend.
F – Favorite quote of the week/day
F – Five things you’re happy or grateful for this week.

F – Feature your latest book obsession

What can I say?? This book was phenomenal. This book made me want to write more and put more words out there. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s won awards so that should give y’all some motivation to read The Poet X. I’m so excited to read her next book, With the Fire on High now.

I – Indicate which book/s you are looking forward to reading this weekend

I really want to get to reading Daisy Jones & The Six. I’m going to be listening to the audiobook since I’ve heard many people say that it’s the best way to take in the story.

Then there’s You’d Be Mine which I have the eARC for that I should really get to and also review!

F – Favorite quote of the week/day

I’m going to share just one of the several powerful quotes from The Poet X

“Late into the night I write and the pages of my notebook swell from all the words I’ve pressed onto them. 
It almost feels like the more I bruise the page the quicker something inside me heals.” 

F – Five things I’m happy or grateful for this week

Lush products

I started using Lush products a few weeks ago and I’m loving them. I got the American Cream shower lotion and body conditioner and I just love the smell.

My awesome coworker

My coworker who is super nice gave me these little composition notebooks. They’re so small and cute. I’m so grateful to have a co-worker like her!! Completely made my day.

10 Things I Hate About You

It was the 20th anniversary of the movie the other day and I still can’t believe it’s that old. It’s one of my favorite rom-coms and has inspired me in so many ways. I will always appreciate the character of Kat Stratford for introducing me to feminism back when I first watched this movie on YouTube.


I mentioned this in my March Wrap-Up but it’s still something I’m thinking about because of its body positivity and humor. I can’t praise it enough.

Hearts Beat Loud

This was such a sweet heartwarming underrated gem of a movie featuring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons as a father and daughter who make music and start a band together. The music in this movie is so good. Also Kiersey Clemons’ character has a girlfriend and they are adorable. There’s also Mitski and I love Mitski.

That was my week so far. Let me know how y’all are doing.

3 thoughts on “F is For Friday – April 5 2019

  1. This sounds like a lovely week ❤️

    I look forward to hearing what you think of Daisy Jones and You’d Be Mine! I loved Daisy Jones and I’m so excited to read You’d Be Mine, I’m really into reading books about musicians right now, so I’ll check out Hearts Beat Loud. Maybe it extends to movies as well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t wait to read Daisy Jones.

      I just finished You’d Be Mine. AND WOW. I loved it so much. I didn’t even like country music that much but WOW. Be prepared for tears.

      YAY! It’s such a charming movie. 🙂


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