Top 5 Tuesday – 5 Reasons Why I Rate A Book 5 Stars

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm.

My first Top 5 Tuesday of the year and my first one since….September of 2019. So it seems like it’s about time I got back into this. Today’s topic is a fairly easy one at first glance but it did take me a while to figure out why exactly would I give a book 5 stars? What makes a book 5 stars to me? Well let’s figure that out because fuck if I know.

If a book meets at least two of these criteria then its a near amazing quality tier book for me. Ultimately though, what makes a 5 star read to me is SUBJECTIVE AF but there are plenty of other people’s 5 star reads that I would never rate 5 stars and vice versa.

An excellent concept with perfect/near-perfect execution

Draw me in with an interesting premise that can interest me and if you do just that then I’m basically sold.

Characters that I WANT to read about

This means characters or protagonist(s) that I can find interesting whether they are likable or not. Whether they are relatable or someone who has a totally different experience from myself. I want to see DIVERSITY especially. Give me LBGTQIAP+ rep, characters of colors, mental illness and disabled rep, and more. But also make not only the MC interesting but the side characters, the villains, and even the minor ones.

Solid World-Building + Vivid Setting

Create a world (or worlds in some cases) where I can find myself wanting to know more about it, wanting to go there, and just find myself wrapped in the story’s world. While this is a huge factor in fantasy and sci-fi settings, I think even contemporaries set in the modern world should give you this feeling as well.


The most SUBJECTIVE thing on here but I mostly mean if your writing excites me, intrigues me, makes me want to write, or inspires something in me. People like different writing styles so that’s the same for me. I’m fine with descriptive and atmospheric writing as much as I am with simple but to the point writing.


Now most of you may think this means a book that tells some sort of important message and it does partially mean that. But this can also just mean a book that I thought was entertaining and it left me feeling happy. It can also be a book that had a shock ending and left me stunned.

Here are just a few books that I have rated 5 stars over the years and are books that I’m pretty sure if I reread them they’d still be 5 stars.

This was a fun and riveting topic and I may revisit it this in the future!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about how you rate books 5 stars? What is a 5 star book to you?

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