june favorites (non-book related)



Lorde – Melodrama (RATING: 9/10) – lorde is definitely one of my fave female artists of modern pop music and this album proved it. this album!!! everything about Melodrama is just so beautiful and melancholy and bittersweet and passionate. i live for this sad girl at a party vibe. all the songs were so emotional and powerful. i will always cherish her first album Pure Heroine as iconic and symbolic representation of my teen years, Melodrama has taken the place of the sound of my sad young adult years trying to live my life. FAVE SONGS: Green Light, Homemade Dynamite, The Louvre, Liability, Supercut, Perfect Places 

SZA – Ctrl (RATING: 8/10) – so i’ll be honest, i’m still listening to this album and i don’t have an official opinion on it yet. but for the most part i can say this album is filled with pleasant bops and anthems. i had not heard of sza before she was featured on a rihanna song from her album, ANTI called Consideration (which i also love). FAVE SONGS: Love Galore, Drew Barrymore, Prom, Broken Clocks


Never Been Wrong – Waxahatchee
Little of Your Love – HAIM
Want You Back – HAIM
Location – Khalid
On + Off – Maggie Rogers 


Wonder Woman – What more can I say? I know so many people love this movie and I can fully agree that this movie was brilliant! I’m so glad to finally see one of the most iconic female superheroes (honestly just one of the most iconic superhero in general) in her own movie. Also done in the most brilliant way possible. I was also happy that this movie was directed by a female directer (Patty Jenkins). Honestly we need more women making and writing films for women and young girls. Go see this movie! RATING: 9/10


Better Call Saul (Season 3)  – HOLY SHIT. this season ended off with one of the darkest moments on this series so far. if you haven’t started this show, i suggest you start now. tif you haven’t heard of it, this is the spin-off of breaking bad. this show proves that spin-offs don’t have to be a cheap way for the creators to make more money off an existing product. this show is just as clever and smart as breaking bad was. s3 especially was a game change for the characters. the action was picked up. the drama rose and tensions were higher than ever. RATING: 9/10 

Fargo (Season 3) – this season has definitely been the show’s most divisive yet. a lot of risks where taken with the narrative and characters this year that may have either made or break this season. IMO, this season has given me a lot of mixed feelings. i loved the first two seasons and i did thoroughly enjoy and have a lot of fun watching this one, i just cannot compare it as favorably to the first two. even though the first two seasons have their own flaws, i found myself picking out more criticisms of this season than the last two. but i still can’t say that this was a bad season. I enjoyed Ewan McGregor as Emmitt and Ray Stussy. I LOVED Carrie Coon and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Deputy Gloria Burgle and Nikki Swango, both whom I was rooting for the whole sesaon. David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin plays the main villain, VM Varga. He definitely deserves an Emmy nom this year, alongside Carrie Coon and MEW. Also Michael Stuhlbarg as Sy Feltz better get an Emmy nom for his brilliant performance. While I felt the characters were on-par with the usual Fargo-esque quirks tied together with the brilliant writing and cinematography. I think the overall story and plot felt a little…meh. A common criticism I noticed on Twitter for this season was that it was slow and only picked up in episode 8 when a character from S1 returned and I have to agree. Overall, I still love this show, being one of the best written shows on TV right now and I hope there will be more seasons despite the rumors that the show’s creator, Noah Hawley wants to end it to work on Legion and other projects. 😦 RATING: 8/10

Preacher (Season 2) CURRENTLY AIRING ON AMC – i was planning on talking about this when the season came to a close but i have to say that i’m already LOVING this season, especially much more than its first. this show is weird af and its just so much fun to watch these characters and this pretty f*cked up world. i can’t wait to see what unfolds this trio. tulip is still a badass lady who owns my heart, cassidy is hilarious and weird as usual, and jesse is just doing his best on his mission to find GOD.  i’m not rating it now since there’s only been 2 episodes. i can safely say that i am enjoying what i’ve seen thus far. 🙂

so that’s what i’ve liked in june, be prepared for a july favorites at the end of month and ciao!