My 2022 Thus Far – A Reading Wrap Up of Sorts

2022 has been interesting for me. I mean, the last two years have been very interesting for everybody. A huge mess that keeps getting bigger and messier. But I recently made a huge change in my life by quitting my job and now I’m just trying figure out what to do next.

While I liked my job, I just didn’t like who I was working with/for and the environment I was in surrounded by people who didn’t seem to care and one person who kept dragging me down all the time. It festered a really bad mindset for myself and for the past couple of years, it has affected my mental health & relationships with friends and obviously, if any of y’all have followed me on my blog here, then you could tell that I rarely, if ever, post. Not to be too cliché, but it was toxic.

So as messy as this year has been thus far for me, I haven’t found much motivation to read. Every now and then I would gain some sort of gumption to read a few pages of a book, but then in a few minutes I would give up because I was too tired or couldn’t focus enough. That said I have finished 3 books so far!! (you can put in the applause or clapping emojis in the comments for me). So I’ll blab about all three for a bit, for this “seasonal wrap-up” because I really enjoyed all three and highly recommend them,

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton — My first read of the year that was technically an end of 2021 read but who cares?? To be honest, it did take me a while to finish this and not because I wasn’t interested, I just had so much bullshit happening in my life. That out of the way, this book!!! I love books about messy, toxic female characters and this one delivered so hard. I cannot wait to read her newest book, The World Cannot Give.

How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell — For some reason, I chose to read this concurrent with Social Creature. I book I got because of the hype surrounding it. It was the book that got Lorde to get off social media and fuck off in Antarctica, so what could it do to me? While it didn’t absolutely make me do anything as profound as Lorde’s venture to Antarctica (#1 I ain’t rich enough #2 It wouldn’t be Antarctica), it made me think so much about how capitalism has affected my life and how to try to detach myself from that way of thinking. Just such an informative and fascinating read that I think is accessible for anyone wanting to read a book about this, that’s filled tons of great resources and references.

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid — Going into this one, I knew all the hype and its also the hype I was on a couple years ago but I could never seem to get myself to actually READ IT. When I finally got to it recently, I devoured it. It’s my kind of read about a messy rock band going through drama during thee peak rock ‘n roll making music era, the 1970s. It read to me like an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music but with even much more depth and exploring the humanity within the characters mixed in with the same feelings I get whenever I watch Almost Famous. “It’s all happening”, as Penny Lane says.

Yes, I do enjoy the fact that so much of the characters and stories are based off Fleetwood Mac and the real life behind the scenes of them making Rumours. In fact, I think I wanted to this be as messy and even messier than Fleetwood Mac’s story. Also I love that this plays into my favorite stereotype that bassists are always the chill, laid back or quiet ones that stay out of the mess (Pete deserved to tell some of his story though!!). I am always here for classic rock band drama. It’s so entertaining! I cannot wait for the show now, since really seems like its made for television/film-storytelling format and obviously I am super interested to hear the songs.

So there we go, a glimpse into what January, February and March held for me. I hope to be reading much more in April and the following months, and also to blog more. I’ll have some more time on my hands and plenty to discuss. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Killing Time by Brenna Ehrlich / Blog Tour – Excerpt

Hello all, today I am here to share an excerpt from the newly released YA thriller, KILLING TIME by Brenna Ehrlich. Below the excerpt is more information about the book and its author! Enjoy!

Killing Time by Brenna Ehrlich
Release Date: March 8 2022



Natalie didn’t ask her mom if she wanted to come to Lynn Halsey’s memorial, which was just as well because, apparently, Helen did not want to go. When Natalie came down for breakfast that morning, she found a note under the orange juice saying that Helen was heading to dojo in the next town over to train for a while—which meant she was either stressed, angry, or both. (Helen said a while back she had started doing karate for self-defense, not that Natalie was aware of anything she’d need to defend herself against in Ferry.)

Natalie balled up the note and threw it on the floor, equal parts relieved and pissed off by her mother’s absence, but she quickly forgot all about it when she saw the envelope leaning against the box of cinnamon cereal her mom had left sitting out for her. It was your standard business envelope—plain, white—and it had only one word neatly typed across the front: Natalie.

Plopping down on a rickety kitchen chair, Natalie pulled her feet up onto the seat and ripped the envelope open, expecting, perhaps, some spending money from her mom—a small contrition for avoiding the memorial—but instead finding a piece of computer paper with a single message typed out on it: Stay out of it. I’m warning you. Her heart did a cold, little leap like it always did when the first body was found in one of her books, then confusion set in. She blinked, scanning the words again, flipping the paper over to see if she’d missed something—a name, an address, anything. But that was it. Just those two ominous sentences. She shivered despite the heat of the kitchen, which was barely mitigated by the lazily oscillating ceiling fan. Her mom was too cheap for AC.

Cereal forgotten, Natalie pushed away from the table and scanned the room as if the toaster or the microwave might suddenly fill her in on where, exactly, the letter had come from. The kitchen seemed eerily quiet in the diffuse morning light, the only sound the birds that spent the day gossiping at the feeder in the backyard. Natalie pulled out her phone, typing off a quick message to her mom.

Did you leave me a note?

It seemed the mostly likely scenario, since the envelope had been on their kitchen table, but a vague threat wasn’t exactly Helen’s style. No, her mom was more direct than all that, much to her daughter’s annoyance. And then there was the it she was supposed to be staying out of. She could guess what that was: Mrs. Halsey’s murder was the only thing that had happened in Ferry for decades, as far as she was concerned. But someone would have to know about her podcast to suggest that she stay out of anything, and no one really knew about that aside from Katie and the internet randos. They had one all the way in Mount Carroll, Illinois (wherever that was). Could one of them have turned stalker? Broken into her house to… What? Warn her not to discuss a very local crime with her audience of roughly three people who had probably clicked on her podcast by mistake?

Three bubbles appeared immediately on her phone screen. Natalie scoffed. Her mom was supposed to be sparring. Did she keep her cell phone tucked into her black belt?

Yes, honey, I’m at the dojo. Be back around 4.

Natalie snorted. Well after the memorial. No, another one, she typed, her fingers shaking slightly. This was all too bizarre. In an envelope?

There was one with the paper that I brought in for you. More dots, as if her mom were trying for casual. Why? Who is it from? Katie?

Natalie rolled her eyes. Helen would have implanted a tracking device in her daughter’s neck if she could, like those chips they have for cats and dogs—watched her roam the town on her trusty path from school to Katie’s to home, called the cops if she veered off course. It was a wonder she hadn’t just opened the envelope herself. There wasn’t time to fume, though, now that there was a mysterious, threatening letter with her name on it. Which Natalie was aware sounded like a sentence from a bad teenage soap opera. That didn’t negate its existence, though.

She sank back into her chair, staring at the words marching across the page. Stay out of it. I’m warning you. It could be Katie playing a bad joke, but that didn’t seem likely, as Katie could never keep a secret and would have spilled that morning, when they were texting about the memorial. Feeling silly, Natalie sniffed at the paper. Nothing. As if it had just materialized on the table, origin-free. She considered calling the police, but that would mean telling them about her podcast, which would mean telling her mom about her podcast, which would mean never seeing the sun again. Instead, she shoved the note into her backpack—not bothering to put away the juice and cereal—and trundled outside to her bike and Mrs. Halsey’s memorial. She would let it all stew, she decided. Maybe an answer would come to her while she was biking to the high school. She always thought better when she was in motion, legs pumping and lungs full of clean air.

It was as hot if not hotter than yesterday, and beads of sweat rolled down Natalie’s forehead into her eyes as she crested the hill toward the school that had been her de facto prison for the last four years—the only bright spot being a woman who would no longer walk its halls. The only teacher who didn’t hold her eccentricities at arm’s length.

The Halsey house wasn’t on Natalie’s route, but she could feel its presence a few streets over—could imagine the yellow police tape and silence—and a tremor traveled over her neck like phantom fingers.

The True Crime Club had only lasted for one year, officially; after Jessica graduated and her parents effectively bought her way into Columbia, Katie and Natalie were the only members, meaning that the club was no longer valid in the school’s eyes. (No yearbook picture, which was good since Natalie didn’t relish explaining that to her mom. She used to lie and say she was staying after school to study until, well, it all went to hell when she said what she said.) Still, Mrs. Halsey kept up their meetings, critiquing the relative merit of different podcasts, documentaries, and true-crime books through the lens of story. She was a fan of gripping, well-researched accounts of criminal investigations, like Michelle McNamara’s inquiry into the Golden State Killer, but felt a decided disdain for podcasts like this really popular one called My Murder Obsession, which was basically just two guys discussing their favorite murder mysteries. She thought the name was bad enough, but she couldn’t stand the gleeful, error-riddled way the hosts talked about crime. She was a stickler for accuracy—and empathy. “If you can’t get the facts straight, you don’t deserve the story,” she used to say.

As she coasted past Sammy’s Shack and the flinty sea, Natalie wondered what Mrs. Halsey would think of the note on her kitchen table: Stay out of it. Her legs pumped harder, sweat running down to her eyes as she squinted into the sun, her breath getting ragged. Lynn Halsey was the only person she wanted to talk to right now, and she couldn’t because she was dead. The thought brought sudden, angry tears to her eyes. She was dead, and there was nothing Natalie could do about it. Who was the letter writer to tell her stay out of it? How to care? Maybe her mom had written the note. Maybe she had found out about her podcast somehow and wanted to punish her. Helen hated Lynn Halsey; Natalie knew that. Tears flooded her eyes as she pulled into the school parking lot, dropping the toes of her black shoes to the ground to steady herself as her vision swam.

The last time she had spoken to her teacher was at the diner midway through senior year. She had been crying—or trying not to, rather. Her shift had ended, and she was crammed in a booth where her mother couldn’t see her—couldn’t send her home and straight to her room. The night before had been bad. The kind of bad that made your stomach heavy and your mouth flood with acid when you thought about it. She and Katie had been celebrating getting into the colleges of their choice by having a clandestine marathon of the worst true-crime movies on offer. Straight-to-streaming shit. Cheesy cable fare. Trash. Helen’s rules were pretty clear when it came to her daughter’s interests: fine, she could study it in school, but true crime as entertainment was completely off-limits. Sure, she got away with the occasional horror movie or novel, but true stories were, for some untold reason, strictly verboten.

Which was why she and Katie had waited until Helen went to a Garden Club cocktail night to indulge. Helen, not being the biggest drinker, had come home in the middle of a truly terrible early-thousands clunker called Teacher’s Pet—all about a TA who had an affair with his student, then killed her—and had lost her shit. She’d gone so far as to threaten to move to college with Natalie and live in her dorm room, which seemed like an empty threat if you didn’t know Helen, who wouldn’t let Natalie sleep over at Katie’s until she was thirteen.

“You okay, Natalie?” Mrs. Halsey asked, sliding into the booth across from her, holding a to-go bag of burgers and fries. She was wearing her leather jacket and had her hair up in a blue paisley scarf, her cheeks pink from the early spring chill; she brought with her the smell of the omnipresent daffodils that blanketed Ferry this time of year.

Natalie shook her head mutely, picking at a plate of cold fries she had pilfered from the cook. People in town knew her mother was strict, but she wasn’t quite sure she wanted her role model to know that Helen had had a meltdown over a Lifetime Channel movie.

“I dunno,” she muttered, chastising herself internally for her lack of eloquence. She always tried to speak as intelligently as possible in front of her favorite teacher, but right now she was too wrung-out to care. Her mother’s overprotectiveness was a shroud, stifling and heavy. And what was so ironic was Natalie had gotten into true crime because of her mom in the first place—she’d found a box of old books in the attic when she was twelve about the Manson murders, the Night Stalker, all the big ones. She had read them under the covers until all hours, equal parts scared and thrilled. She loved it when the killers were caught, the intricate work it took to track them down. That is, until her mom found out and burned all the books in the yard with the autumn leaves. She wouldn’t even tell Natalie where they’d come from in the first place.

“Did something happen with Katie? A friend?” Mrs. Halsey pressed, her voice so gentle and caring that Natalie caved.

“My mom flipped out on me last night,” she choked out, studying the table. “I was watching some stupid true-crime movie, and she just…lost it.” Natalie dug her chipped nails into the red vinyl of the booth and let it all spill out. “She’s just so controlling. Like, why does she care what I watch? I’m eighteen. I’m an adult, basically. And I’m good!” She raised her eyes to look at her teacher, who was studying Natalie with a furrowed brow. “I don’t break curfew. I have, like, no social life. I don’t drink. So why can’t I just…read and watch and do what I want? Who am I hurting?”

Mrs. Halsey gave a sad smile. “I understand, Natalie. It’s hard being eighteen. Almost independent, but not quite. But, I promise, it’ll get easier. You might even miss your mom worrying about you.”

Natalie grunted and folded her arms. “I doubt it.”

Mrs. Halsey laughed, then steepled her hands on the diner table. “I’m confused, though, Natalie. Why would a movie upset your mom so much when you’re in a true-crime club at school?”

Natalie swallowed hard. In her fit of rage, she’d forgotten all about forging her mother’s signature all those years ago to join Mrs. Halsey’s after-school group. She had forgotten the countless lies she’d told. Or maybe she was just subconsciously tired of it all.

“You’re in what?” Helen appeared behind her like the ghoul from that horror movie—the one that just slowly wanders after its prey until it wears it down and eats it. Natalie didn’t turn around. Instead, she gritted her teeth and dug her nails even deeper into the booth, anchoring herself to the spot. She couldn’t even sit with her favorite teacher for five minutes without her mom butting in. Without her ruining everything.

“You didn’t know about this?” Mrs. Halsey asked Helen, as if Natalie weren’t there, which Natalie found hard to believe, considering anger was radiating off her like a bad aura. Why did everyone treat her like a child? Like she couldn’t make her own choices without consulting her mother first? Why didn’t they see her?

Helen shook her head, her eyes locked on Natalie’s teacher, a twin rage coursing through her. The pencil she used to take orders snapped in her hand, but she didn’t seem to notice the pieces as they clattered to the floor and rolled to rest under the booth.

“I’m sorry, Helen,” Mrs. Halsey sputtered, getting to her feet, looking between mother and daughter, both practically vibrating with indignation. “I thought you knew about the club.” She raised a conciliatory hand. “And, really, it’s all educational. We talk about story and methodology and…” The words died on her lips as Natalie’s mother shook her head again.

“I appreciate all you’ve done for Natalie, Lynn, but we have rules,” Helen said in a voice befitting an android. “This stuff is not entertainment. If she wants to go to school and learn the proper way to engage with it, then fine. But no clubs. No movies. No bullshit.”

Mrs. Halsey cut in. “I would hardly call our club bull—” Natalie couldn’t help smiling, which didn’t make matters any better. Her mom gave a look filled with such pure menace she dropped her eyes to her feet.

“I don’t care,” Helen snapped, smoothing her apron as if eradicating the wrinkles would fix everything. As if she could control the world with her nervous hands. “My kid, my rules. Now, I think you should leave.”

Mrs. Halsey opened her mouth, shooting Natalie an inscrutable look. She took a step toward the door.

“Please, don’t go,” Natalie asked in a small voice before she knew the words were coming out of her mouth. “You don’t have to listen to her. Please.”

With her hands tucked into her jacket pockets and her hair coming free from her scarf, the teacher suddenly looked younger than she was. She was probably the same age as her mom, thirty-eight, but Helen’s face was much harder. Likely because she’d had Natalie so young, because she’d been worrying for eighteen years. “I’m sorry, Natalie.” She glanced at her bag of food but made no move to pick it up. “I think I should go…”

Natalie got to her feet then, leveled her eyes at her teacher, watching her one tether to everything she cared about cut her free, let her go. “You never cared about me,” she said finally, seething and holding Mrs. Halsey’s eyes for a long moment before retreating to the kitchen so she wouldn’t have to see her mentor go, regretting the words as soon as they left her mouth. She turned back to stop her, to apologize, but her teacher was already gone.

Mrs. Halsey deserved more than that. More than her mom’s disdain and her own parting words. She deserved to be remembered. To be avenged. And no anonymous note writer could tell Natalie otherwise. An idea that prompted a mix of excitement and shame deep down in her stomach germinated in Natalie’s head as she pushed through those familiar swinging doors and entered the bizarre world that is school during summer.

Excerpted from Killing Time by Brenna Ehrlich, Copyright © 2022 by Brenna Ehrlich. Published by Inkyard Press. 


Killing Time follows a true-crime obsessed teenage girl who sets out to uncover a killer when her favorite teacher is murdered. With a dual POV that sends the reader back twenty years, this engrossing and twisty thriller is perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Karen McManus.

Summer in Ferry, Connecticut has always meant long, lazy days at the beach and wild nights partying in the abandoned mansions on the edge of town. Until now, that is.

Natalie Temple’s favorite teacher has been murdered, and there’s no way this true-crime obsessed girl is going to sit back and let the rumor mill churn out lie after lie. Not if she has anything to say about it – even if she has to hide her investigation from her disapproving mom and team up with a new boy in town with a mysterious smile and a talent for making fake IDs.

But the more Natalie uncovers, the more she realizes some secrets were never meant to be told.

With two interwoven mysteries, Killing Time is a deathly warning to a generation of murderinos: what happens when the stories we’re chasing finally catch up with us?

About the Author

Brenna Ehrlich is a journalist, YA author, and editor who has worked everywhere from MTV News to Rolling Stone. She resides in New Jersey with her husband Morgan and their two cats, Nimbus and Hazel. She enjoys horror movies and romcoms in equal measure.

Social Links:

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Buy Links: B&N:;jsessionid=77463C2A28F769B395869EB9A2D55A2B.prodny_store02-atgap11?ean=9781335418678&st=AFF&2sid

Thanks for reading and I hope you check out KILLING TIME!!!

What I Want to Read in 2022

I don’t want to say this is a TBR for 2022 but like a long list of some books & authors I would like to get around to. This isn’t an anticipated reads list either since I have quite a few backlist reads & older books mentioned here. Okay I guess it is pretty much a TBR but I like to make things complicated and be overly ambitious as possible.

I have a lot to talk about so I quickly want to mention some things I want to read in 2022 that I don’t want to overexplain. 1) Reread some favorites 2) Read & complete a series. Let me know some of your favorites and ones to keep an eye out for. 3) Read poetry. 4) Read non-fiction.

Literary Fiction / SFF / Romance / Thrillers & Mysteries / Historical Fiction

The past couple of years I’ve read some amazing books such as Mexican Gothic, The Year of the Witching, The Wolf and the Woodsman, and Sally Rooney’s books (yes I will give my thoughts on those one day). I genuinely feel that while I am not moving 100% away from YA books, I do want to read more adult-oriented books. I want to read books about people my age!! Doing semi-adult things!!

Literary fiction and SF/F (science-fiction & fantasy) is pretty much my bread and butter and I know what to look for in those genres. However, romance is an area where its so vast and there’s A LOT to dig through. While I’m not anti-romance I am pretty picky about what kind of romance I would like to read. BEACH READ by Emily Henry worked for me because it was a super quick contemporary read that I read in a day. I would love to venture into historical romance and maybe some more contemporary romances. I actually don’t know where to begin with romance, so if y’all have any recs please link me to your blog posts, articles, YouTube videos. I have Awkwaeke Emezi’s adult romance in mind because I love their writing from reading PET.

Young Adult

As a mid-twenty something year old, YA is starting to get to be “not my thing” and reflecting on it this year, I have *somewhat* moved on from it. There’s still plenty of YA that I have on my TBR and I will continue to read YA. I am keeping an eye on it because ultimately, I want to write some YA stories, and in my opinion, reading YA is an essential part of being a young adult writer. (As of writing this, some “interesting book twt discourse has happened so a little note: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS ME SAYING I HATE YA NOW. I SWEAR. DO NOT BRING THAT DISKHORSE INTO MY HOUSE. TAKE IT OUTSIDE.) I know my taste in books so I know which ones that will not work for me and ones that will. I would like to honestly reflect on that topic in a future post but I also do not want to invite the discourse right now so maybe I will hold off. But there are plenty of titles that pique my interest.

IN CONCLUSION: There’s plenty of adult and young adult books I want to read, I even tweeted about it here:

(also follow me on Twitter, I mostly/only retweet content I like but you might get something out of me one of these days. honestly this tweet was probably my most liked tweet in recent memory)

Books in Translation

I read an excellent translated book this year, Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica. I have always wanted to read more books in translation I just haven’t pushed myself into those yet. There’s plenty to name off like Isabel Allende, Elena Ferrante, Mieko Kawakami, Sayaka Murata, Xiaolu Guo, Haruki Murakami, etc. I hope to maybe read at least 2 a month. I think that’s reasonable.


I have many authors in mind that I have always wanted to read but I just haven’t given myself the time to for some reason. These are just a few authors & selected titles that I would like to prioritize in 2022. Let me know if there are any authors you’d like to get around to finally reading for the first time in 2022.

  • Octavia E. Butler (Kindred; Earthseed series; Lilith’s Brood; Fledgling)
  • Eve Babitz (Black Swans; Slow Days, Fast Company; Eve’s Hollywood; L.A. Woman; Sex & Rage)
  • Joan Didion (The White Album; Play It As It Lays; Slouching Towards Bethlehem)
  • bell hooks (All About Love; Feminism is for everybody; Ain’t I a Woman; The Will to Change)
  • Madeline Miller (Circe; The Song of Achilles)
  • Xiaolu Guo (Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth; A Lover’s Discourse; A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers)
  • Ottessa Moshfegh (My Year of Rest & Relaxation; Eileen; Death in Her Hands; Lapvona)
  • Emily St. John Mandel (Station Eleven; The Glass Hotel; Sea of Tranquility; )
  • Mieko Kawakami (Heaven; Breasts & Eggs; All the Lovers in the Night)
  • Erin Morgenstern (The Night Circus; The Starless Sea)
  • Nnedi Okorafor (Binti trilogy; Who Fears Death; Akata Witch series)
  • Nina LaCour (Watch Over Me; Hold Still; We Are Okay; Everything Leads to You; Yerba Buena)
  • Toni Morrison (Paradise, Sula, The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon)

“Themed” Reading / Monthly Reading

I kind of want to do a monthly thing where I read books based on a theme I make up or whatever arbitrary meaning I put behind it lol. I have some ideas below such as the seas (books that take place by the sea or where the sea is a key element in the story), books on writing, books by Virgo authors (aka The Virgo Canon), books about/on art & artists, etc. It would be cool if anyone could help me out with themes feel free to suggest any ideas for this. I mostly got some ideas from previous years prompts via the PopSugar Reading Challenge.

Books about artists (fiction + non-fiction)

I was partly inspired by a reading prompt from PopSugar’s 2021 Reading Challenge, which was to read a book about art or an artist.

  • Starting Point: 1979-1996 by Hayao Miyazaki
  • Turning Point: 1997-2008 by Hayao Miyazaki
  • The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott by Zoe Thorogood
  • Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough (reread)
  • Just Kids by Patti Smith

Books on writing

  • Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
  • Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg
  • Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott
  • Steering the Craft by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
  • On Writing by Stephen King

Books that take place by or on the seas

  • The Seas by Samantha Hunt
  • The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld
  • The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He
  • The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake
  • The Sea is Salt and So Am I by Cassandra Hartt
  • Persuasion by Jane Austen
  • Fable by Adrienne Young

Books by Virgo authors

  • NK Jemisin
  • Mary Oliver (whom I’ve already read a bit in 2021)
  • Agatha Christie
  • Angie Thomas
  • Mary Shelley
  • A.S. Byatt

There’s SO MUCH TO READ OUT THERE. Hopefully 2022 will be my year to read, take in what I read, and actually feel good. Not that 2020/2021 were bad years for reading, I found a lot of new favorites but I also felt sort of empty (sorry about to get personal here), and my mental health has not been at its finest these past couple of years and I’m sure a lot of y’all have felt the same way. So let’s just try to survive in 2022 and read books. Fuck and find out I guess.

Thanks for reading and comment down below whatever you plan on reading in the new year! – SAV

i took to a quiz to find out what type of reader i am

While scrolling through Instagram, a sponsored ad popped up for this website/app called Bookfinity. I admittedly kind of put it off in my head as something that’s pointless because there are plenty of websites that are like this, that do personalized recommendations and such. Also I laughed at the name. But I was a little curious to try to see what their “Reader Type” quiz would be like and I was bored and it was a Saturday afternoon, so I decided what the hell, let’s go.

The quiz was typical. It asks three times throughout the course of the quiz, what book do you like out of the ones they select. Which none of them I was interested in lol. Also asking some personality type quiz questions like what shows I like to binge watch, how I like to spend my Friday evenings, etc. Through all of that nonsense I got my results. Results plural because you get three types of reader you are.

Reader Type #1 – Subject Matter Expert

This might just be me but this one feels super vague, as in vague enough for anyone to be this type of reader. But the more I thought about it, the more it did make sense because there are certain subjects and topics that I find interesting and I gravitate towards reading more books like them, such as books about cults and ghost stories.

As for my other two reader types…

Reader Type #2 – Serial Reader

See this one actually makes sense to me because I will read back and forth for every detail of a book. Which is why some books take longer for me to read than some people.

Reader Type #3 – Heroine Addict

This one also makes sense because I do tend to read books with female leads the most. Not to say thought that I wouldn’t read books with a non-female lead.

So to make sure I wasn’t being put into super vague categories or anything I had to look up to see what the other types of readers there were. So according to this website, “the nearly 20 reader types include: the subject matter expert, beach reader, trendsetter, woke up like this, young at heart, cool mom/dad, spiritual seeker, lifelong learner, world traveler, game day hero, mountain climber, dissenter and time traveler.

I cannot believe I did not fall into the cool mom/dad category.

That’s that. Let me know if you decide to take this quiz and let know what you get! It does require you to sign up for Bookfinity to get your results of course, which is something I reluctantly did because its not a paid thing and it seems legit, but obviously you don’t have to do it if you want yet another bookish account to sign up for.

Upcoming Things I’m Excited For – Summer 2021 Edition

Hey everyone! While books are my thing on this blog I would love to talk things that are outside of books I am interested in. Movies, TV series, anime, and whatever else is going on in my life that makes me excited and feel joy.


I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in May so after a few days of a slight fever and yucky feeliness I am feeling better now and am fully vaccinated! I’m not going to go crazy but I am just glad that I am vaccinated. I feel so much relief though.


I have a whole post dedicated to this! So feel free to check that out. But yeah there’s a TON of books coming out this summer that I really would love to get to reading! Check that post out here!


My other love besides books are movies!!! The last movie I saw in theaters was Birds of Prey and then of course everything shutdown because of Covid sometime after that. I am more than ready to step back in with precaution of course to watch a movie in a theater!!! I am wanting to talk more about the films that aren’t just a reboot or sequel or superhero movie, because I’m honestly getting super exhausted of all of that. Not that I’m not interested in many that will come out this year but I want to see some originality!!!


All I have to say is that it is DEV PATEL SUMMER!!! I have been DYING TO SEE THIS and to see Dev Patel get the stardom he deserves. I got these tee shirts from Super Yaki (a super cool site for movie merch!) to celebrate when I got this. Anyways onto the movie itself I typically enjoy most A24 films since they focus on original stories and aren’t just another franchise/sequel/reboot. This one is based off of the Arthurian legend, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


Another movie I am excited for because it’s based off the iconic Zola twitter thread. It looks messy, dramatic, over the top and I am here for it!!!


Not sure if this is a summer release but I just wanted to talk about it because it looks super fun and cool. It’s got so many great names. Karen Gillan, Lena Headey. Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, Carla Gugino. Top notch actresses in a very John Wick/Birds of Prey like movie.



I told myself this year that I wasn’t going to bother with the MCU but I ended up watching both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I’m at odds with the fact that I enjoy most of these characters but I hate that we’re stuck in this amount of MCU content and nothing really original. Also I just have a lot of issues with the MCU in general but that’s a rant for another day. With that mini rant out of the way, LOKI has been a show I was way more excited for than WV and TFATWS. Loki has been one of the most iconic MCU characters IMO and I think if I get anything out of this, it’ll be fun.


Ted Lasso was one of my surprise watches of this year when I did a free trial for Apple TV and wow I didn’t expect to enjoy Ted Lasso as much as I did. It’s such a weird comedy in that it’s based on kindness and positivity. Which is something to say coming from someone who does like cynical comedy but it just works for Ted Lasso. The one downside is that I’ll have to set up new free trial since I ended my sub. I really wish it wasn’t on Apple TV because it’s literally the only thing on that service that I am remotely interested in.


The Owl House provides me with that pure, whimsical, magical joy. Season 1 was such a ride as I binged it and caught up to the final few episodes. So the first season left off on a sort of sad note for the characters and story. Which is a fairly common trend among children’s animated series these days to go darker like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, She-Ra Princesses of Power to name a few. I was supposed to put out a review of season 1 last year when I watched it but never got around to it. Maybe I’ll quickly post it before the new season comes out.


So my music taste is super indie/alternative with hints of whatever is popular like right now I’m listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour or Aly & AJ’s new album. There’s definitely some I’ll miss because I don’t always know who or when they’re putting out an album. There’s rumors that Lorde might be dropping a single off her new album 👀👀👀👀 Obviously I will take that rumor with a grain of salt but Lorde’s comeback is on my mind all the time. Also Willow is going to do a pop punk album. Very excited for that one. Music is in a great place right now.

Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

Probably one of my favorite artists right now! Japanese Breakast aka Michelle Zauner is a genius. From her first album Psychopomp to her sophomore album Soft Sounds from Another Planet, I am always mesmerized by the sounds and music of Japanese Breakfast. I’ve been listening to her singles Be Sweet and Posing in Bondage off this new album so much this spring and I can’t wait to listen to the full album over the summer. Also I bought her memoir Crying in H Mart recently which I know is going to be a tearjerker. Probably an album of the year choice for me.

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice is back in time for sad indie rock music summer!!! This album, when it was announced was a surprise one, and I am super stoked.

Lucy Dacus – Home Video

Another indie lady I am obsessed with! Lucy Dacus!!! I am loving her two singles, VBS and Hot & Heavy. Just another artist that never fails to disappoint me. Also I’ve been stalking her Goodreads because she has a Goodreads and has excellent taste! Would really love to see her start a book club.

Kississippi – Mood Ring

I’ve more or less recently have gotten into Kississippi. She’s indie pop/indie rock. This album seems like it’s leaning more towards indie pop. But I love the vibes. All hear for this music this summer.

Pom Pom Squad – Death of a Cheerleader

I hate to be compare artists with one another but I would really love more people who liked Olivia Rodrigo’s song Brutal to listen to Pom Pom Squad. She’s got that angsty punk girl vibe ~but make it sapphic~. Listen to Lux and Head Cheerleader. Also her cover of FKA twig’s Cellophane.

Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha

I listened to Faye Webster a lot last year. In a Good Way and Better Distractions were on my On Repeat playlist a lot last year. So this album is going to be a future favorite. I just know it. If you want more chill sad indie in your life with hints of country, here you go! Listen to Faye Webster.


So like a week right after I got over my second covid shot sickness, my parents were like “let’s go to a baseball game since we’re all vaccinated 🤪”. Which I was down with. I’m not a big sports fan but I do enjoy watching a live baseball game. I like the atmosphere. So we went and I ending up having a fun time and we plan on going again soon in June! My local professional baseball team is the Tampa Bay Rays. And they’re also good!?? So I may now be a little more interested in baseball now.

Anyways that’s what I’m looking forward to this summer. Let me know what you plan on doing this summer or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere!!

Top Ten Tuesday – What’s on My Fall 2020 TBR 🍂

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Here in the Northern hemisphere it’s the first of FALL!! While I live in the state where I don’t actually get to experience the glory that is fall weather. The crispy crunchy leaves, the breeze in the air, there is actually a little bit of a breeze today so I’m taking that as a good start to fall.

With the weather as it typically is here, I have to use books to get that vibe of fall coziness and some spooky stuff mixed in.

This fall here are some of the books I would like to most get around to reading! This is a mix of upcoming releases and books that I would just really like to read before fall is over with or at least before the end of the year!


I have yet to read a book from this author and I know I should get on that but I’m really fascinated by this story’s synopsis surrounding a girl who makes a Faustian deal to live forever and the consequences that of course come with that decision.


This is one of the most hyped series on my Twitter timeline. It feels like everyone has read this and I do own it and the sequel THE DRAGON REPUBLIC. It sounds so epic and dark and just everything I kind of want to read right now.


I’m so excited for this that I’ll probably retread The Folk of the Air trilogy to get even more hyped for it. I’m all here for this bit of fanservice Holly Black is giving us!

Another super popular series on Book Twitter. Plus an adaptation coming on the way! It’s been described as kind of like The Godfather and has a unique fantasy story along with it. So ready to start this series!


If not one of my most anticipated reads of the year, LEGENDBORN promises a lot.It’s epic fantasy with a Black girl at the front and center inspired by Arthurian legend!! It sounds cool and I’ve been following the author on Twitter and she’s just so passionate about this story and I love to see it.


This is from the author of THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST and I’ve been surprised that there’s not too many people talking about it. I actually haven’t looked too much into it, I think it’s dark academia apparently??


LOVED Spinning Silver so much and I’ll gladly read anything Naomi Novik writes. This is dark academia x fantasy vibes and a magical school setting with a strong and morally grey female character.


Another diverse YA fantasy that sounds like my jam! This one is also getting an adaptation. I also follow the author on Twitter she is so sweet and I love what she said about her story. This promises a great enemies to lovers romance which I’m all about!


I really hope to at least read this one before the year is over. The premise is intriguing and timely and I’ve heard great things about it.


Yet another popular author who has a popular series (STALKING JACK THE RIPPER) that I have yet to read. I did put SJTR on my library holds so maybe I’ll get it before this one but I was intrigued by this one mostly because of the enemies to lovers romance and it has something to do with the Seven Deadly Sins.

That’s it for what I want to read this fall! Let me know down below if you have any of these on your TBR or if you have already reof these yet.

Candid Convo #1: What the Hell Have I Been Doing This Year?

Welcome to this thing I’m doing now.

I’ve had this idea in my head since March/April and then the Covid-19 pandemic started. I thought about starting this anyways around that time because I wanted a way to vent about things and talk about various, non-bookish things and maybe even get ~personal~. But I put it off not only due to the pandemic but also with the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement, I felt that it was absolutely not the time or place for me do this kind of thing. I’ve been focusing my time, energy and money on BLM and social justice causes. I’ll link a carrd down below if you want to know more about the current events happening in the world.

Then there’s the fact that this has been yet another bad mental health year for me, especially with depression. Not that the world being on fire helps but its especially been a struggle for me this year to do the things I’m SUPPOSED TO DO for this blog: read and blog.

Not that I haven’t been doing either of those things. I’ve been offered to join blog tours (cool!!!) and read ARCs but at the same time it’s taken away from me being able to read books I want to read for my own pleasure and amusement and not just obligated reading. In the near future I’m going to go more into this topic so be on the look out for that post.

I have been trying to keep up with other bloggers’ content this year as well but I’m deeply sorry if I haven’t been social or engaging as much as I wish I could be. I’ve been meaning to share a lot of new bloggers I’ve discovered this year on my blog and also just be more interactive but alas ~mental health~.

Since COVID-19 has disrupted my life as much as everyone elses’, I’ve been working (which is a whole other candid convo), watching shows and films, playing video games (especially Animal Crossing: New Horizons), and listening to music to try to keep my sanity. With all the media I’ve been taking in this year, I’ll have plenty of non-bookish things to review and discuss with y’all soon lol.

While this year I haven’t focused on books as much as I would like too, I do have some blog post ideas that have been lingering for a long while. Some that may take a while to come into fruition but we’ll get there when we get there.

Thanks for reading if you did, let me know what you think of this, and just whatever is on your mind. 🙂

I’ve you want to know about what I’m up to or talking about follow me on my Twitter where I’m pretty much on all the time.


Mid-August Reading and Blogging Goals Plus! A Hiatus Report

If anyone has noticed my lack of blogging presence on here, I decided to take an unannounced hiatus. It just kind of happened unexpectedly for a lot of reasons, that I will dive into. But I am back, and I do plan on blogging again very soon.

Now some reasons why I went on my hiatus

  1. Reading Slump – I’ve been in one since June/July ish and I just have not picked up a book or get into even if I tried.
  2. Lack of motivation – Kind of relates to my reading slump but I just haven’t found any motivation to blog
  3. My job stressing me the the fuck out and making me too exhausted to read and blog – Working at a library means a summer program and that really drained me and I’ve also been dealing with an annoying coworker so :/
  4. Vacation Time! – I did go off on vacation and that was around the time I stopped blogging/reading. I just wanted to relax.

I shouldn’t have to put reasons why I left for a bit, but I felt that I needed to just because I don’t want to worry anyone.

But this post is meant to revive my blog and so now I’m diving into my reading and blogging goals for August. Well, what’s left of it.

  1. Get out of hiatus – Easy enough
  2. Blog hop – I still have been blog hopping and there’s been so many great posts I’ve read lately and I plan on sharing them later this month!
  3. #ReviewAThon is a readathon that NetGalley is doing to help with all of us readers who need to get our shit together read all those ARCs that we’ve fallen behind on reading and reviewing. Reviewathon runs for 6 weeks, from July 22nd through August 30th.
  4. I got quite a big library haul and I hope to get around to those as well.
  5. I’ve been holding back on tags and challenges because they’re easy enough to do, but I just haven’t gotten around to them and I feel bad because I do like doing them and I always appreciate being tagged!

So that’s about it for me this August, wish me luck in my revival of my blog and I hope y’all are all doing well 🙂

What are some of your reading and blogging goals for August or the year? Also if you’ve been hiatus like me, what are some things you want to do once you get back?

Thanks for reading!

Top Ten Tuesday – My Most Anticipated Releases for the Rest of 2019

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This Tuesday’s topic is Most Anticipated Releases for the second half of 2019. I have MANY MANY MANY most anticipated releases which I may make another post for to talk them some more. This is just a short little list of my most anticipated. It was super hard to narrow it down to just 10.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black (The Folk of the Air #3 series)
✨How could I not mention THIS?
✨hoping jude gets her revenge!!! 🗡️

The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah
✨British-Muslim protagonist!!!

I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi
✨teens figuring their shit out before the world ends
✨queer rep / Pakistani-American rep
✨maybe some aliens???

Beyond the Black Door by A.M. Strickland
✨ace MC!!!
✨that cover though
✨villain love interest?!!?

The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco
✨described as “Frozen” meets “Mad Max”
✨4 POVs
✨there’s a bookish chaotic lesbian goddess
✨idk its Rin Chupeco so it’ probably going to be amazing

Crier’s War by Nina Varela
✨F/F enemies to lovers romance
✨comps to Game of Thrones
✨androids maybe?

The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams
Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow
✨Portal Fantasy
✨early 1900s
✨I honestly don’t know that much but I’m sold anyways because of that cover

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K. Eason
The Princess Bride meets Princess Leia!!!!
✨fariy tale tropes in a space opera
✨again Princess Bride and Princess Leia …need I say more?

The Liar’s Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson
✨girl who is the daughter of a cult leader
✨i’m just really into cults y’all
✨not that i would join one 👀

There’s my lil top ten list. Let me know some of your most anticipated because I can always add to my neverending list.

May 2019 – Reading + Blogging Goals

Hey everyone! It’s finally May which means May flowers are here but also since I live in Florida it’s lovebug season and it’s only going to get miserably hotter. Which means I’ll be inside, reading and blogging with the A.C. on.


This month there’s so many things going on. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It’s also Mental Health Awareness Month. So I want my TBR to be mainly focused on these two things. I also want to finish some books I started in April. So my TBR might be big but I’m going to try not to force myself to read books I’m into.

But there’s also ARCs I need to read and review. I don’t think I’ll read all of them but I obviously want to read overdue ARCs and ones that are being published in May/June.

I also want to bring something back this month that I tried once and never went further with: Manga Monday. I’ve been collecting several manga series for a while but I actually haven’t made time to sit down and read most of them. I’m really hoping this month will help me stick with it.


I’ve been tagged in quite a few tags/challenges and I’ve fallen behind on actually doing them, so I’m making it a priority that I get them done this month.

Also since I’ll reading ARCs, there should be some more reviews. I’m currently working on one right now, but there’ll be plenty more.

Here is basically the tl;dr version of what I’m doing this month.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your reading/blogging goals are for May.