My 2022 Thus Far – A Reading Wrap Up of Sorts

2022 has been interesting for me. I mean, the last two years have been very interesting for everybody. A huge mess that keeps getting bigger and messier. But I recently made a huge change in my life by quitting my job and now I’m just trying figure out what to do next.

While I liked my job, I just didn’t like who I was working with/for and the environment I was in surrounded by people who didn’t seem to care and one person who kept dragging me down all the time. It festered a really bad mindset for myself and for the past couple of years, it has affected my mental health & relationships with friends and obviously, if any of y’all have followed me on my blog here, then you could tell that I rarely, if ever, post. Not to be too cliché, but it was toxic.

So as messy as this year has been thus far for me, I haven’t found much motivation to read. Every now and then I would gain some sort of gumption to read a few pages of a book, but then in a few minutes I would give up because I was too tired or couldn’t focus enough. That said I have finished 3 books so far!! (you can put in the applause or clapping emojis in the comments for me). So I’ll blab about all three for a bit, for this “seasonal wrap-up” because I really enjoyed all three and highly recommend them,

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton — My first read of the year that was technically an end of 2021 read but who cares?? To be honest, it did take me a while to finish this and not because I wasn’t interested, I just had so much bullshit happening in my life. That out of the way, this book!!! I love books about messy, toxic female characters and this one delivered so hard. I cannot wait to read her newest book, The World Cannot Give.

How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell — For some reason, I chose to read this concurrent with Social Creature. I book I got because of the hype surrounding it. It was the book that got Lorde to get off social media and fuck off in Antarctica, so what could it do to me? While it didn’t absolutely make me do anything as profound as Lorde’s venture to Antarctica (#1 I ain’t rich enough #2 It wouldn’t be Antarctica), it made me think so much about how capitalism has affected my life and how to try to detach myself from that way of thinking. Just such an informative and fascinating read that I think is accessible for anyone wanting to read a book about this, that’s filled tons of great resources and references.

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid — Going into this one, I knew all the hype and its also the hype I was on a couple years ago but I could never seem to get myself to actually READ IT. When I finally got to it recently, I devoured it. It’s my kind of read about a messy rock band going through drama during thee peak rock ‘n roll making music era, the 1970s. It read to me like an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music but with even much more depth and exploring the humanity within the characters mixed in with the same feelings I get whenever I watch Almost Famous. “It’s all happening”, as Penny Lane says.

Yes, I do enjoy the fact that so much of the characters and stories are based off Fleetwood Mac and the real life behind the scenes of them making Rumours. In fact, I think I wanted to this be as messy and even messier than Fleetwood Mac’s story. Also I love that this plays into my favorite stereotype that bassists are always the chill, laid back or quiet ones that stay out of the mess (Pete deserved to tell some of his story though!!). I am always here for classic rock band drama. It’s so entertaining! I cannot wait for the show now, since really seems like its made for television/film-storytelling format and obviously I am super interested to hear the songs.

So there we go, a glimpse into what January, February and March held for me. I hope to be reading much more in April and the following months, and also to blog more. I’ll have some more time on my hands and plenty to discuss. Thanks for reading! 🙂

March Wrap-Up + Favorites

Hey everyone! I hope March was a good month for y’all. If it wasn’t that’s okay too. I think this month was at least much better than February for me, but still kind of mediocre. It was a very meh month.

I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking in some areas on my blog such as Top Ten Tuesday posts, my Favorite Blog Posts of the Month posts, and in April I’m going to get back into those things.



A twisty, surrealistic Groundhog Day story that explores relationships, friendships and life. MY RATING: 5/5


This book deserves all the hype and critical acclaim it has received. I also highly recommend listening to the audiobook which is narrated by Elizabeth Acevedo herself. What else could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about this powerful book? Just read it. MY RATING: 5/5 STARS


There’s a recurring theme in my posts this month as you will notice.

2019 Anthologies on My TBR

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Top 5 Tuesday – Space Books on My TBR



Give me more Shrill please!! This was a wonderfully hilarious show that has such a great message on body positivity. Aidy Bryant is so brilliant and I want her to be in everything.


Jordan Peele does it again. While I didn’t find this movie to be super scary, it was very disturbing, creepy, and unsettling. Lupita is incredible as usual but I also enjoyed the rest of the cast.


CAPTAIN MARVEL AND GOOSE ARE GOING TO KICK THANOS’ ASS in Endgame. With that aside, I really enjoyed this so much and I even went on Twitter to talk about all the things I felt about it.


  • Post at least 2 reviews
  • Read ARCs
  • Read my Spring TBR
  • Do all tags and challenges I was tagged in
  • Restart my Favorite Blog Posts of the Month posts.

February Wrap-Up and Favorites

WOW. Let’s talk about February. I’ll be honest and say that my mental health plus with work stuff limited my time on here. But just to let y’all know that if you ever need a break or can’t post or whatever, it’s totally fine to not be consistent.


I read this because I re-watched Twin Peaks which I’ll go more in depth with in my monthly favorites portion. I enjoyed the information this provided on the show’s production, the stories and characters, and great analysis.


*actually Post because I only made 1 post this month.

Valentine’s Day Book Tag


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I downloaded this app at the beginning of February and I’m obsesssed! I never played an Animal Crossing game before (which I really need to get more of the games) but I love how chill and relaxing this game is. It’s so cute and easy-going.

Derry Girls

I first have to thank Aurora for talking about this amazing show on her blog. This is a hilarious coming of age comedy set in 1990s during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. I love this quirky cast of characters. It’s so witty and the quotes are hilarious. Fun fact: I share a birthday with the actor who plays James.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade attacked me so much. This about an eighth grade girl, Kayla who is dealing with social anxiety, trying to fit in, and being awkward a.k.a. me in eighth grade.

The Favourite

This deserved so much more praise from the Academy but who am I to judge? The Favourite is about the rivalry between cousins vowing to be the favourite of Queen Anne. I loved the dark comedic tones of this. Olivia Colman deserved her Oscar for her performance in this.

Twin Peaks

This was a rewatch because I always feel like February is the best month to watch this show (since it takes place during the last half of February and into March). I really adore this show no matter how meh it got in the second season. I always find myself coming back to the weird, surrealistic world of Twin Peaks.


I started my free trial for this a week ago and I love it! I like listening to audiobooks and this gives you access to so many. I’m actually considering starting a subscription with this.

That is my lackluster monthly wrap-up. Hopefully March is more successful.

October Wrap Up


It’s November already??? I can’t believe how fast the last half of the year has gone by.

October was an okay-ish reading month for me. I started well at the beginning by reading a lot ARCs I needed to get to for reviews and books I needed to finish from the previous month. But then somewhere in the middle of the month I slumped. Then towards the end I’d gotten back on track. I think I read a total of 8 books this month which is more than I usually read and I ended up genuinely enjoying all of them, which was nice.

I also completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge!!! I never thought I’d actually finish it this early.

2018 reading challenge complete


Shadow of the Fox


My review is available here!

Beneath the Citadel


Review hopefully coming soon in November!

On a Sunbeam


Review here!

Aquicorn Cove


Review here!

Little & Lion


Nice Try, Jane Sinner


Blood Water Paint


The Cruel Prince



Guest Post on Ace of Ben’s blog: Mental Health Book Recommendations

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October is usually a movie-heavy month for me so I did try to watch a lot of Halloween/scary movies.

october wrap up movies 1


I finally watched this classic Halloween movie, or should I say THE Halloween movie. I definitely really enjoyed this. I love the 70s feel from it and I also adore Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. Genuinely scary.

Halloween II

Then I watched the sequel and while I don’t necessarily LOVE this one like the first one I still enjoyed it and it had plenty of jump scares.

Shaun of the Dead

My favorite of the Cornetto Trilogy by Edgar Wright will always be Hot Fuzz but I really enjoyed Shaun of the Dead! It had great comedy and so much action! Definitely one of the better zombie movies I’ve watched.

october movies wrap up 2

Fright Night

I watched this a few years ago and it’s always stuck with me. It’s very 80s and very cheesy and very creepy. Its so much fun especially if you love vampire and vampire lore!

Fright Night (2011) Remake

Because I loved the original so much I didn’t expect to enjoy the remake but the remake is just as FUN. This is how I would love to see all remakes done. This has just enough of a modern take on it that it kind of it makes it its own movie but still shows appreciation and respect for the original.


Of course I had to watch this one. I also think this movie while also being a good scare is a really funny scary movie.

october movies wrap up 3

Hocus Pocus

A great nostalgic ride! Apparently this year was the 25th anniversary!

The Lost Boys

Another vamp-y 80s favorite of mine. I love the soundtrack and the aesthetic.

The ‘Burbs

I guess the trend for this Halloween for me was spooky movies that have some fun romps and comedy in them. This one is pretty hilarious and also creepy.



hilda show.jpg

HILDA! I cannot recommend this show enough! This was such a cute and whimiscal show about Hilda and her adventures with all the strange creatures of the city.


night in the woods

Night in the Woods

I really loved this one! It has a wonderful fall aesthetic and also deals with mental illness. The message is portrayed wonderfully and this game also has some replay value so I can’t wait to play it again next Halloween!

sav bonaf bottom logo 1

September Wrap-Up

It’s finally October and fall is here! This month went much better than July and August. I finally posted a review of an anticipated ARC and I’ve started reading more ARCs. I wrote plenty of posts this month as well.

Also it my birthday was on September 10th and I had a wonderful birthday and also book buying haul (which I may share sometime soon!)

I think next month is going to be an even more successful month for both reading and blogging! 🙂


Sadie by Courtney Summers – 5 stars (Read My Review Here)

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson – 4.5/5 stars


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August Wrap Up

And I thought July would remain my worst reading/blogging month haha…ha ha.

August began with a great start. I was reading TWO books and enjoying both of them. Have I finished either of them? LMAO…..

HOWEVER I did finish an eARC and even did a review for it! So that’s pretty great, all things considered.

Enough of the negativity because I do some good, lighthearted news, I GOT A JOB! In fact this is my first job ever and I’m so excited for it because I’m working in a library. It’s been going well and I’m enjoying it thus far.

That’s also partly why I haven’t been blogging much but I honestly feel now that I’m settled into my job I’ll be able to blog more again!

Anyways here’s a short, simple wrap-up! Let me know how y’all’s August went.


Girl at the Grave by Teri Bailey Black (eARC)


Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert (+ Audiobook narrated by Alisha Wainwright)

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson


Awesome Blogger Award

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July Wrap Up A.K.A. this month was bad, put it in the garbage please


Soooooo…….how did everyone else’s July go? ?

I’ve actually seen quite a few people in the bookish community talk about how July was a meh month. I FEEL Y’ALL.

July was one of the worst months for me reading and blogging wise. Mainly because of 1) anxiety and depression 2) vacation and being worn out from traveling 3) did i mention my anxiety. My anxiety was REALLY bad this month. I couldn’t get myself to stay focused on any book I picked up, even if I felt that I was enjoying reading it. Just stressful and it sort of frustrated me that I didn’t get enough done IMO.

But don’t worry! I’m not beating myself up about it that much. August will definitely be better. (I say this as if it could definitely happen again)

So for my wrap up it’s just going to be a quick toss up of the few things I did read. I read A LOT of manga and 1 book.

The 1 Book I Read

the surface breaks

The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill
Content Warning for the following: sexual assault; rape

Okay to be honest, I don’t really remember much about this book. I just remember feeling meh about it. Very meh. The cover is gorgeous though. So there’s that I guess.??

Manga Time!!!

So I’ve spent SEVERAL months collecting some manga volumes. Fortunately I’ve been able to collect most of these at great discount prices.

amb vol 1

I read 6 volumes of The Ancient Magus Bride. A slow burn fantasy and ᵖʳᵒᵇˡᵉᵐᵃᵗᶦᶜ ᶠᵃᵛᵒʳᶦᵗᵉ. I love the magic system in this and the world building. Chise is also one of my favorite protagonists. The art is pretty fantastic. If you like slice of life that has some magic in it, try this out!

Content warning for: suicide; a character talks about suicide and has suicidal thoughts; abuse; death; blood

yona of the dawn volume 1 manga

Then I read 8 volumes of Yona of the Dawn! Another fantasy favorite that has a lot of excellent world-building, characters, romance, action, and comedy!

Yona is also another great female protagonist who goes through a lot of character development and growth. The other characters are really great too. Well developed and complex, even the villains who aren’t one dimensional. I highly recommend this if you like strong female protagonists and/or if you are looking to get into manga!

Content warning for: death; blood; an arc that revolves around human trafficking

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June Wrap Up


Wow I can’t believe it’s already July! For me June went by quick and slow at the same time. It was a very weird month for me. Also I had a TERRIBLE reading slump from the beginning of the month towards the middle of the month, so I only actually read ONE book this month. I’m currently reading a bunch of books right now so that’ll make up for my terrible reading in June. Also I’m on vacation typing this, so that’s one of the reasons for my delay in posts.


Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova (Brooklyn Brujas #1) – 8.5/10 

I enjoyed this one quite a bit and I can’t wait to read the sequel, Bruja Born!

labyrinth lost



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June TBR


Heyyy It’s June and it’s also Pride Month! So most of my TBR will be LGBTQIAP+ books.

Also I technically already have a TBR for this month since I’m participating in the MARVEL-A-THON, which you can read here. So I may or may not be able to get around to most of these but I’ll try anyways.

Pulp by Robin Talley

Release Date: November 13 2018

pulp robin talley cover

A little side-note but this is my first DRC I got approved for, which I was so surprised by and I am really happy about.

This is a queer historical fiction & contemporary, featuring two lesbian girls, one from the 1950s and one from present day. I also want to say that there is 2 f/f relationships in this.

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake

girl made of stars

This book has been hyped by so many bloggers I follow and I can’t wait to read this. This features a Bi MC and a genderqueer love interest. This deals with rape and sexual assault. I’ve previously read How to Make a Wish by the same author and I loved that book so much.

Now I Rise by Kiersten White

now i rise

This is the sequel to And I Darken. The second major POV character is Radu who is gay and having read the first book I know that there is a side f/f relationship.

Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

out of the blue

This was previously on my TBR in May but I never got around to it. This has a queer girl of color and possibly a f/f relationship.

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

we are okay nina lacour cover

This is a very well-known queer novel that I’m so ready to read. There’s a f/f relationship in this.

When the Moon Was Ours + Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

It’s really about time I got to read Anna-Marie McLemore. When the Moon Was Ours has a Pakistani trans boy & Wild Beauty has a Bi Latina MC.