Rating System

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I’m not a fan of the star system so I use out of 10 system. I find that this way is more accurate and easier to understand for myself.

10 – perfection in a book. like wow. mindblown. 
9 – nearly perfect. so so so great. 
8 – a really solid book with very few flaws. 
7 – an average book with a few flaws here and there 
6 – a decent book that has plenty of flaws and issues but some things i did enjoy that make me look over those things. 
5 – a book that has more to not like that like but i didn’t hate it. not my cup of tea. could still recommend. 
4 – a pretty flawed book that has a few redeeming qualities but not enough for me to really say its good or not. possible recommendation. 
3 – didn’t like it. too many flaws and not enough things i liked. probably wouldn’t recommend. 
2 – wow wow wow this is really bad. could not recommend. 
1 – garbage. put in the fire. this is super bad. this book offends me with its existence. no chance of recommending this EVER