May 2020 TBR + Goals

May is here and here I am, still making TBRs and goals despite not ever really following through with them. But I’m persistent and stubborn and I want to make them anyways because at least I’m making goals for myself. Even if I never achieve them!

I haven’t blogged in a while because of not only the COVID-19 pandemic and me having to work different hours and being stressed about that, but also because of lack of inspiration and energy for blogging and reading. My mental health over the years has been going through major ups and down, particularity these couple of months of 2020 have been huge down months where I was tired and unmotivated. I have had some terrible days. My struggle with my depression and anxiety is still a work in progress much like this blog and my love for reading. So I just didn’t do anything which made me feel worse but at the same time, I probably needed the break.

But now I’m hoping to get back into this and even If I’m not the best I’m going to do the best I can.

Now let’s transition to the blog stuff, I want to blog hop and comment more. Which is a goal I will always have set for myself. I also want to be productive by writing blog posts ahead of time that way I don’t have to struggle.

I also want to revive my bookish Instagram account. The one I’m barely active on and have only posted 3 things since making it. If anyone wants to give me some ideas on what I could post or some helpful tips let know. Link some blog posts or whatever! I’ll be glad to read anyone’s tips on IG.


I’m splitting TBR into groups. What I need to read (as in ARCs or books I’ve been given to from giveaways and publishers) and What I want to read (which obviously doesn’t need an explanation) I have plenty of older ARCs I still need to read as well as ARCs that I need to since they are coming out soon and some I’m a part of blog tours. I want to read ARCs so I can actually advocate for future releases and help promote them. Also I just really want to get my NetGalley ratio up so I can request more to read/never read.

Then for the books I want to read, since its Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month I want to read books from Asian & Pacific Islander authors. Then I have Spinning Silver which is a book I started in April, which HI want to finish and then start on Uprooted, because I really enjoy this writer’s work. I also have These Witches Don’t Burn on here because the sequel comes out this month and I want to be on board before I read that. Granted my TBR could change and this isn’t definite.



Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking Back on My 2019 Reading & Blogging Goals

2019 is nearly over and coming up is the start of not just another year but a whole new decade. So before I began even talking about future plans for myself and my blog I want to look back at the reading and blogging goals I made at the beginning of the year and see what I achieved and I what I didn’t.

Here’s a link to that post if you’re interested in reading it.

Create a bookstagram – โœ”๏ธ

Last February I created a bookish IG account which you can follow me @ savvy_reads

However from looking at my feed, most of you can observe that only posted 3 things last year. I simply felt lack of motivation to post anything and also comparing my posts to other peoples was a thing that made me not want to post at all. But 2020 is going to be very different.

Redesign my blog – โœ”๏ธ

I’ve done this several times throughout 2019 because I’m not consistent with sticking to a theme/aesthetic. So I’m hoping in 2020 I’ll figure something out.

Participate in a blog tour – โœ”๏ธ

YES and I’m actually surprised I actually got the opportunity to do not just one, but TWO of these in 2019. I had fun with all of them. I’ve also been invited to do some more in 2019 so I’m glad that this was a thing I accomplished.

Participate in Blogmas / Blogtober – โŒ

Clearly since I barely posted anything during the last half of 2019. I just never felt compelled to do this since I hadn’t read much either.

Finish a Readathon – โŒ

I came pretty close to finishing the Ghibli-a-Thon back in July (at least I think that’s when it was) but nevertheless, I failed it. I’ve decided not to participate in any read-a-thons for a while since I seem to fall victim to my mood reading habit.

Watch and review a book to movie/tv adaptation each month AND Read the book that it was based on – โŒ

A feature I wanted to do on my blog that I clearly never even started. Will I think about doing this in 2020? Who knows??? wink wink.

Put myself out there more on social media and interact more with other bloggers and authors – โœ”๏ธ

Technically I did this and I’m proud for following more bloggers but my interaction level at last as the year went on plummeted. But I’m taking this win.

Also on my Twitter I’ve tried to be more active but I’ve mostly just RT shitty memes and whatever.

Blog hop more! – โœ”๏ธ

Again, I technically did this but I never stuck with it during the rest of 2019.

Get to 200 followers! – โŒ

I DID IT FOLKS. I hit 199 followers in 2019. I think its fitting to be honest.

Keep track of reading and blogging in my 2019 bullet journal – โŒ

LOL My bullet journaling for 2019 ended in January when I just gave up because I wanted it to be Perfect. So then I just filled it with random doodles and notes.

Prioritize reading and reviewing ARCs – โŒ / โœ”๏ธ

Yes and no because I prioritized my ARCs for blog tours but as for the other ARCs I never got around to most of them. Even ones I did read I never reviewed. So :/ Meh

Promote books better – โŒ

I don’t know what it is because I guess nervous about promoting books because I don’t like the attention especially if the author notices it. But I know that’s good thing but like it flares my anxiety for some reason. But in 2020 I hope to do better and get over my own nonsense.

Read 40 books for my Goodreads challenge – โŒ

*insert overused GOT meme*

I stopped keeping track of the books I read this year because there were plenty I started but gave up on and then some that took forever to read. I just had an awful reading year in 2019. I believe my GR 2019 reading challenge says I only read 9, I did read more than that I just never bothered to mark it down lol.

Read more historical fiction – โŒ

Speaking of reading, I wanted to read some historical fiction and I ended reading more contemporaries and fantasy instead.

Read more sci-fi – โŒ

I didn’t read any.

Make more discussions posts – โŒ

I didn’t have it in my to make a discussion post since I’ve tried to write one and I see someone else do it better so I’ll just let the people who are good at that kind of thing do it. Does that mean that I’ll never do a discussion post? No because there are some things I do want to talk about eventually but for now I just don’t feel I’m up for it.

Write!!! + Participate in NaNoWriMo – โŒ

I did technically write some, but it was mostly plot outlines and just random descriptions of stories and characters I have in my head. I also wanted to do NaNo but I don’t have a firm grasp of any of my WIPs.

Complete the PopSugar Reading + Book Riot Read Harder Challenges – โŒ

Since I didn’t do much reading I failed at these two challenges. Also the books I did read only fit a few challenges. I just didn’t bother with these at a certan point.

Get more followers on Twitter – โœ”๏ธ

I just hit 200 followers on Twitter recently. If you want to follow me there, here’s the link to that. Some of you may like me more or less than here but maybe we’ll be friends.

That’s that for my 2019 goals. Join me tomorrow-ish for a look at my 2020 goals. Let me know down below what your goals were for 2019 and if you achieved any or failed most of them like me.

Mid-August Reading and Blogging Goals Plus! A Hiatus Report

If anyone has noticed my lack of blogging presence on here, I decided to take an unannounced hiatus. It just kind of happened unexpectedly for a lot of reasons, that I will dive into. But I am back, and I do plan on blogging again very soon.

Now some reasons why I went on my hiatus

  1. Reading Slump – I’ve been in one since June/July ish and I just have not picked up a book or get into even if I tried.
  2. Lack of motivation – Kind of relates to my reading slump but I just haven’t found any motivation to blog
  3. My job stressing me the the fuck out and making me too exhausted to read and blog – Working at a library means a summer program and that really drained me and I’ve also been dealing with an annoying coworker so :/
  4. Vacation Time! – I did go off on vacation and that was around the time I stopped blogging/reading. I just wanted to relax.

I shouldn’t have to put reasons why I left for a bit, but I felt that I needed to just because I don’t want to worry anyone.

But this post is meant to revive my blog and so now I’m diving into my reading and blogging goals for August. Well, what’s left of it.

  1. Get out of hiatus – Easy enough
  2. Blog hop – I still have been blog hopping and there’s been so many great posts I’ve read lately and I plan on sharing them later this month!
  3. #ReviewAThon is a readathon that NetGalley is doing to help with all of us readers who need to get our shit together read all those ARCs that we’ve fallen behind on reading and reviewing. Reviewathonย runs for 6 weeks, from July 22nd through August 30th.
  4. I got quite a big library haul and I hope to get around to those as well.
  5. I’ve been holding back on tags and challenges because they’re easy enough to do, but I just haven’t gotten around to them and I feel bad because I do like doing them and I always appreciate being tagged!

So that’s about it for me this August, wish me luck in my revival of my blog and I hope y’all are all doing well ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your reading and blogging goals for August or the year? Also if you’ve been hiatus like me, what are some things you want to do once you get back?

Thanks for reading!

June 2019 Reading + Blogging Goals

June is here and with a new month ahead comes some new goals to achieve. Or attempt to achieve.



I’m participating in Ghibi-a-thon. Now some of you may or may not now this, but my track record with read-a-thons is very…poor I usually read only 1 books or none at all due to my mood reading and just the inability to keep reading a chosen book for my TBR. I have my full TBR here and I will be posting some reading updates on Twitter for each book I read.


It’s Pride Month!!! I’m so excited to read many of the LGBTQAIP+ books I own and I’ve already started a few as of typing this up.



I have some ideas I’ve been working on since May and I can’t wait to share these Pride-related posts with y’all.


So in May I said I would start Manga Mondays, but what I decided to do instead was read a lot of manga in May and then start putting out reviews in June, July, etc.


So yeah I’m calling myself out for not doing any tags I’ve been tagged. Apologies to those who have tagged me in stuff. I’ve fallen WAYYY behind on them. I’ll try to do a few at a time each month.

Here’s  the tl;dr version of what Iโ€™m doing this month.

Let me know some of your reading and blogging goals for June. What books do you plan on reading for Pride?

May 2019 – Reading + Blogging Goals

Hey everyone! It’s finally May which means May flowers are here but also since I live in Florida it’s lovebug season and it’s only going to get miserably hotter. Which means I’ll be inside, reading and blogging with the A.C. on.


This month there’s so many things going on. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It’s also Mental Health Awareness Month. So I want my TBR to be mainly focused on these two things. I also want to finish some books I started in April. So my TBR might be big but I’m going to try not to force myself to read books I’m into.

But there’s also ARCs I need to read and review. I don’t think I’ll read all of them but I obviously want to read overdue ARCs and ones that are being published in May/June.

I also want to bring something back this month that I tried once and never went further with: Manga Monday. I’ve been collecting several manga series for a while but I actually haven’t made time to sit down and read most of them. I’m really hoping this month will help me stick with it.


I’ve been tagged in quite a few tags/challenges and I’ve fallen behind on actually doing them, so I’m making it a priority that I get them done this month.

Also since I’ll reading ARCs, there should be some more reviews. I’m currently working on one right now, but there’ll be plenty more.

Here is basically the tl;dr version of what I’m doing this month.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your reading/blogging goals are for May.

Reading + Blogging Goals I Want to Achieve Before the End of the Year

reading blogging goals 2018 logo

1. Create a bookstagram.

I’ve been inspired by the few amazing bookstagram accounts I’ve seen. I have a personal one but I’ve been thinking about getting one just for books. Although I don’t have a great camera so it won’t be as pretty as some other bookstagrams out there!

2. Complete Reading Challenges for 2018.

I just finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge the other day and I still have many more to go. Here’s a link to all the challenges I’ve been doing this year. I’m positive I won’t complete ALL of them, but I at least want to complete the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge.

3. Get to 100 followers.

As of typing this post I’m at 95, which I’m still pretty shocked I got to that many followers in the first place. I appreciate and very grateful for everyone who is following me!!ย ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

4. Redesign my blog.

I’ve made a few changes lately with it being fall and I wanted my blog to have a seasonal aesthetic. But I’m talking about even bigger changes for my blog and I’m hoping to have it all done by the end of the year.

6. Post ARC reviews before or on release day.

I was good at this for the most of October with one review still pending. I definitely have a few that won’t be out for several months so it would be best to get them out of the way.

7.ย Post more reviews in general

Confession time: I don’t think my reviews are good. I don’t think they’re bad but every time I publish a review, I always think of ways I could have made something better. I think posting more reviews will at least help me figure out what I’m doing right or wrong and help me be more confidant in my reviewing and writing skills. Basically just to find my own review style is my overall goal here.

8. Make more discussion posts.

Well I don’t think I’ve ever made a discussion post ever but I always love seeing them from other bloggers out there! I think I have a discussions in mind to make one day but I just haven’t made myself focus on them.

9. Implement a book buying ban.

Definitely something I should work on. It doesn’t help that things like Book Outlet and Thriftbooks exist! Especially when I have a great library (the one I work at actually) and our library system has so many great books and it’s FREE. Also I really need to save some money for stuff I want to do with family and friends and for school.

10.ย Sign up to get books from publishers.

There’s this intimidation that comes with wanting to review ARCs but also trying to find a way that involves little interaction with people which is why places like NetGalley and Edelweiss are SUPER helpful. Sometimes not that helpful since I’ve had hard times with both (especially Edelweiss). However I definitely want to fill out a blogger form for some of these publications because even though I don’t mind reading a digital review copy, I think I prefer having a physical copy of the ARC.

11. Go blog hopping more.

One of the biggest goals for me to be honest. I’m always looking for new fellow book bloggers out there and I haven’t necessarily spent a couple of hours blog hopping like I did for a while.

12. Write.

While not a reading or blogging goal, I do wish to start writing some of my WIPs and ideas I have this year. Next year I’m hoping to participate in NaNoWriMo! I for sure I am not ready this year for it and so I’m hoping to use this year and most of next year writing whatever I think of, whether its good or bad.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully y’all liked this post. Let me know some of your goals for the rest of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

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