March Wrap-Up + Favorites

Hey everyone! I hope March was a good month for y’all. If it wasn’t that’s okay too. I think this month was at least much better than February for me, but still kind of mediocre. It was a very meh month.

I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking in some areas on my blog such as Top Ten Tuesday posts, my Favorite Blog Posts of the Month posts, and in April I’m going to get back into those things.



A twisty, surrealistic Groundhog Day story that explores relationships, friendships and life. MY RATING: 5/5


This book deserves all the hype and critical acclaim it has received. I also highly recommend listening to the audiobook which is narrated by Elizabeth Acevedo herself. What else could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about this powerful book? Just read it. MY RATING: 5/5 STARS


There’s a recurring theme in my posts this month as you will notice.

2019 Anthologies on My TBR

Top 5 Wednesday – Books on My Spring TBR

F is For Friday – March 22

Top 5 Tuesday – Space Books on My TBR



Give me more Shrill please!! This was a wonderfully hilarious show that has such a great message on body positivity. Aidy Bryant is so brilliant and I want her to be in everything.


Jordan Peele does it again. While I didn’t find this movie to be super scary, it was very disturbing, creepy, and unsettling. Lupita is incredible as usual but I also enjoyed the rest of the cast.


CAPTAIN MARVEL AND GOOSE ARE GOING TO KICK THANOS’ ASS in Endgame. With that aside, I really enjoyed this so much and I even went on Twitter to talk about all the things I felt about it.


  • Post at least 2 reviews
  • Read ARCs
  • Read my Spring TBR
  • Do all tags and challenges I was tagged in
  • Restart my Favorite Blog Posts of the Month posts.

February Wrap-Up and Favorites

WOW. Let’s talk about February. I’ll be honest and say that my mental health plus with work stuff limited my time on here. But just to let y’all know that if you ever need a break or can’t post or whatever, it’s totally fine to not be consistent.


I read this because I re-watched Twin Peaks which I’ll go more in depth with in my monthly favorites portion. I enjoyed the information this provided on the show’s production, the stories and characters, and great analysis.


*actually Post because I only made 1 post this month.

Valentine’s Day Book Tag


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I downloaded this app at the beginning of February and I’m obsesssed! I never played an Animal Crossing game before (which I really need to get more of the games) but I love how chill and relaxing this game is. It’s so cute and easy-going.

Derry Girls

I first have to thank Aurora for talking about this amazing show on her blog. This is a hilarious coming of age comedy set in 1990s during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. I love this quirky cast of characters. It’s so witty and the quotes are hilarious. Fun fact: I share a birthday with the actor who plays James.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade attacked me so much. This about an eighth grade girl, Kayla who is dealing with social anxiety, trying to fit in, and being awkward a.k.a. me in eighth grade.

The Favourite

This deserved so much more praise from the Academy but who am I to judge? The Favourite is about the rivalry between cousins vowing to be the favourite of Queen Anne. I loved the dark comedic tones of this. Olivia Colman deserved her Oscar for her performance in this.

Twin Peaks

This was a rewatch because I always feel like February is the best month to watch this show (since it takes place during the last half of February and into March). I really adore this show no matter how meh it got in the second season. I always find myself coming back to the weird, surrealistic world of Twin Peaks.


I started my free trial for this a week ago and I love it! I like listening to audiobooks and this gives you access to so many. I’m actually considering starting a subscription with this.

That is my lackluster monthly wrap-up. Hopefully March is more successful.

Favorite Blog Posts of October

favorite blog posts of october logo 1

Here are the previous month’s Favorite Blog Posts of the Month! 



I enjoyed this wonderful review for Undead Girl Gang from Writing Follies! Can’t wait to read it for myself!

Here’s a review of Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills from Dezzy @ The Thoughtful Voice. Emma Mills is one of those authors that I really need to get around to!

There’s this review for Shadow of the Fox from Utopia State of Mind which is one of my favorite reads from this month and this year! I wholeheartedly agree with this review. Protect all of those characters!!!


Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads made two excellent recommendation posts. One featuring books with bi main characters and one featuring books with Asian protagonists!

Want to read about witches? Wild Heart Reads has this post for witchy books for your TBR.

For more spooky recs here’s Aurora @ Aurora Librialis with a bunch of great recommendations posts: One featuring books for scaredy cats (a.k.a. me) and some creepy reads.


There were a few negative articles about Bookstagram so I’m sharing these two posts that support Bookstagram: One from Camillea Reads and the other from Her Nose Stuck in a Book.

Merline @ Merline Reads wrote a very thoughtful post about blogging in general and how much effort it takes. I really like hearing from other bloggers about how much effort they put into their blogs and their experiences.

Kathy @ Books and Munches talks about self-care for Mental Health Day and I found a lot of this to be very helpful for my own mental health.

I’m including another discussion post from Kathy @ Books and Munches about peer pressure in the book community that felt very relevant to me at the moment.

Speaking of mental health, this month featured the Shattering Stigmas 4.0 event hosted by a bunch of amazing bloggers. I’m sharing Ben @ Ace of Ben’s post which has links to ALL of the bloggers who hosted and made guest posts. I appreciated this entire event because of my own mental health and seeing others help spread awareness for mental health is such a great thing to see within this community.

Ally @ Ally Writes Things discusess book ratings and why some books we rate lower than 5 can still be our favorites.

Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl talks about the essentials for Blogtober which I will definitely be using for next year when I will attempt to do Blogtober!


Here’s an awesome blogger FNM who compiled a list of 100 Book Tags!!! Such amazing work! 😀 Check that out if you’re looking for some more ideas for your blog.

Merline @ Merline Reads shares some fun ways to survive waiting for a book release!

The Cosy Reader gives tips on how to cosify your Bookstagram which has been helpful for me since I’m considering starting one very soon (maybe lol)

Meaghan @ Words Gremlin wrote this post about making your own book boxes to send to your book buddies! Such a brilliant idea that is also affordable and it sounds so much fun!

Melanie @ Mel to the Any was part of the cover reveal for Kalyn Josephson’s The Storm Crow and the COVER IS GORGEOUS and the story itself sounds so interesting! Can’t wait to read it next year!

What to find out what bookish witch you are? Aurora @ Aurora Librialis made fun little quiz! I got Mila from Undead Girl Gang! 

Jayati @ Junky Writing gives some suggestions on how to choose your next read!

Elaine shares a stunning and spooky literary look from The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

If you like spooky podcasts like I do, Breanna @ Paws and Paperbacks has a list for you!

Elissa @ Elissa Reads shared her Halloween costume as Belle! She even made a video with the rolling ladder!

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment down below letting me know some other bloggers out there I should check out! I’m always trying to look for some lesser known or smaller bloggers!

thanksgiving bottom header

Favorite Blog Posts of September

favorite blog post 2

Wow I can’t believe September is almost over and October is tomorrow!

Here are some Favorite Blog Posts posts from the previous months:


This month I have MANY discussions posts to share with y’all but I there’s also plenty of excellent reviews and recommendations! Please check all of these posts and other posts from the bloggers as well! Also feel free to drop in your own posts from this month and I will go check them out!


Dani @ Perspective of a Writer reviews one of my current favorites, the manga series, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Volume 3-6. Highly recommend this magical series, especially if you are wanting to get into reading manga. PLUS Dani also reviewed yet another fave manga series of mine, Yona of the Dawn!!

Becky @ Velvet Spade Reads reviewed The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, a most anticipated fall release of mine!

Breanna @ Paws and Paperbacks wrote a lovely 5 star review for Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore. I can’t wait to read this one!

Utopia State of Mind wrote a short and eloquent review for Sawkill Girls. Another anticipated fall read! Sounds like I’ll LOVE this one.


Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm asks if un-relatable characters affect your feelings on a book and it’s one of those questions where everyone will have a different answer and opinion on and I think discussion posts like these are so insightful and engaging!

Merline @ Merline Reads talks about book subscription boxes and her issue with them and I AGREE SO MUCH. I’m so indecisive about them and I’ve only gotten one but I’m so cautious.

Meaghan @ Words Gremlin talks about art theft, which while isn’t a book topic, its a VERY IMPORTANT discussion that needs to had. Also to go along with using FREE resources for your blog instead of stealing,

Alice @ A Reader’s Fiction discusses reading multiple books at once or one book at a time. I agree with both ways of reading and I’m honestly trying to figure out which one is still the best way for me to read, efficiently.

The Bookdragons made a very useful post for a book blogger like myself about some blogging do’s and dont’s! I think this is amazing advice for new and expert book bloggers alike!

Jayati @ Junky Writing gives tips on how to read faster! Such a helpful post! Especially since I have a big TBR coming up for October! Another post from Jayati that y’all should check out as well, discussing the importance of best friends in YA.

Elaine made a wonderful list of Bookish Websites to use to help organize your library! I discovered LibraryThing because of this post and I LOVE AND APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH.

Rachana talks about 5 things book lovers struggle with! Such a relatable post! 🙂

Here’s an informed and insightful post about the struggle of an international book blogger from Inside My Library Mind. Please check this out post out even if you aren’t an international blogger. I think its good to understand the frustration that specific book bloggers face concerning ARCs, galleys, book boxes, etc.

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner talks about being an organized mood reader (which unfortunately I don’t fall into that category but I wish I was a more organized mood reader!) I found this post to be very helpful when it comes to my own reading “style”


There were quite a few bloggers that made some amazing recommendations lists for fall reading, so check these out if you are looking pumpkin spice up your fall TBR (oh dear god please @ me in the comments for making that awful pun, it was bad)

Kristin Kraves Books’s Fall Book Recommendations

Aurora @ Aurora Librialis shares 10 books for Autumn Reading. I picked up An Enchantment of Ravens because of this list!

Melanie @ Mel to the Any has some wonderful recs as well! I have many of these on my TBR already. They all sound so perfect for this time of year. I love that this list is a mix of magical realism and spooky stories.

Thanks to everyone who checks out these posts by fellow book bloggers! These are my favorite posts to make and I can’t wait until October to see what y’all write up next!


Favorite Blogs Posts of August

favorite blog post 2

Since August was sort of hiatus month for me I didn’t get to really explore a lot of new bloggers but I do have some great posts to share from these amazing bloggers that I follow!

Please feel free to promote your own blog down in the comments and also share some of your favorite blog posts from other bloggers!!!

This won’t be as organized as previous months but I tried lol.

Here are some previous Favorite Blog Posts from the previous months:



Dani @ Perspective of a Writer reviews one of my current favorite manga series The Girl from the Other Side by Nagabe. This review expressed so many of my feelings about this series.

Rachana reviews Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann and it gave me so many feels. I love when people gush about books like this. I can’t wait to read this book!

Elissa @ Elissa Reads wrote a 5 star review for Emergency Contact, which moved my TBR around so I can read this ASAP.

Here’s Amanda @ The Bee-Witched Reader’s excellent review of Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody.

Discussions, Lists, Recs, + More

Book Allure discusses Book Buying Philosophies and I adored their flow chart. I definitely needed this in my life.

Aimee @ Aimee Always shared The Ultimate List of Book Blog Topics and Ideas! I’ve been inspired by a lot of things on this list and there will also be more added in the future.

Here’s some book recommendations from Green Tea & Paperbacks for books featuring fat main characters over watching the mess that is Netflix’s Insatiable (I cringe every time I think about the existence of that show). I HIGHLY recommend Piecing Me Together. It’s one of my favorite books I’ve read this year and its just SOOO GOOD.

Libby @ Dim Screen shares the books they’ve rated 5 stars. I always enjoy seeing which books make the cut for people to rate 5 stars for.

Amanda @ The Bee-Witched Reader discusses the book that has remained with them over time. I can think of a few books that have remained with me but sometimes its a mix of good and bad.

Meaghan @ Words Gremlin inspired me with their book tracking in their bullet journal. I love staying organized with my reading using my own bullet journal.

Here’s Never Not Reading’s post about things that they’d like to see more of in YA. I always like to see what kinds of things people want to see more of and I hope someday if I actually get my career as an author started I can write some of these things into my stories.

Ally @ Ally Writes things discusses some unique settings featured in books.

Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl talks about negative reviews and all the pressures and anxiety us reviewers face. A helpful and important post with a lot of great tips!

Unputdownable Books discusses why they write mostly positive reviews. This was so insightful and I try to take many of these into consideration when writing reviews as well.

Justine @ Bookish Wisps spotlights Filipino authors!! I’ve added so many of these to my TBR!

Aurora @ Aurora Librialis shares some of the books that Lara Jean would have in her library with very cute and very pink aesthetics!

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads is always on here with some of the most thoughtful discussion posts. Check both of these out, one about Problematic vs Plot and the other about Reading Reviews and what exactly you should think about when reading them.

Another blogger with great discussion posts is May @ Forever and Everly. Here’s one about mood reading (basically my kind of reading style) and its pros and cons and then, another post all about ARCs.


Favorite Blog Posts of July

favorite blog post 2

Here are my previous ones from April, May, and June! Please check them out and support fellow book bloggers 🙂

Anyways this won’t be as organized or feature as much as I would like. July was kind of slump for me both reading and blogging wise (which I’ll talk about more in my July Wrap-Up). But hopefully I’ll still be able to give some of these posts more attention that they deserve. And hoping that August will be a better month for blogging!

Feel free to comment some of your own posts that you enjoyed making from July or from someone else’s blog that you appreciate!

From The Bee-Witched Reader, here are 5 reading slump tricks for reading while dealing with anxiety and depression (which I appreciated reading about so much and this could not have come at a better time for me)

The Eclectophile talks about their Top Ten Bookstores on their Bookish Bucket List!! I had to add all of these my own.

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams discusses why we need more confident female characters. I appreciate that there’s been more discussion about this topic. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a confident person I think it’s super important that teen readers will be able to feel more confident by reading about confident female characters.

Justine @ Bookish Wisps talks about the things they’ve learned from blogging! I’ve come  to learn a lot of these as well and I think I still have much to learn.

This wonderful review of Circe by Madeline Miller from All That is Cultural. I loved the writing in this review and made me want to read this book even more!

Some of y’all may have already seen this but, Dani @ Perspective of a Writer has made a meme directory so if you have a meme that you feature on your blog, check that out! 

Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl discusses male friendships (or lack thereof) in YA. Another topic that needs to be discussed more within the community. Friendships for some reason but especially between dudes aren’t highlighted enough.

Also for those of you just starting a blog or if you just want to figure out more about blogging here’s Being Basically Boring with 50 Post Ideas for New Bloggers, which I found quite useful myself.

For even more blogging related info, here’s Aimee @ Aimee Always discussing how to organize your blogging schedule to work for your own blog! I enjoyed reading these tips and I learned a few things to do with my own blog.

Julianna @ Paper Blots talks about things they want to see more of in the bookish community. I agree with ALL of these!!


April Favorites

It was honestly a very very hard month for me personally. But these things kept me feeling somewhat good and occupied.



The Shape of Water

Frances Ha

In the Mood for Love

Pride & Prejudice (2005) – Rewatch

A Room With a View


My Hero Academia (Season 3)

Castle in the Sky

Kiki’s Delivery Service (rewatch)

Whisper of the Heart


Golden Kamuy


 Hinds – I Don’t Run (album)

Janelle Monae

March Favorites

Time for my monthly favorites post! This month I watched a lot of great movies that I hadn’t seen yet (and one was a rewatch) that have all become some of the my favorite movies. I also watched a full TV series and started another one.


The Florida Project
the florida project

This honestly got robbed at the Oscars. This film was devastatingly beautiful and whimiscal. I loved the story of Moonee and even her really complicated and dysfunctional mother, Halley as they figure out their lives. This movie shows off the amazing scenery of Central Florida and its landmarks. Being from around that area near Orlando I loved seeing these places I’m so familiar with shown in such a beautiful way. Also I really related to the boredom and also magic of living in Florida during the summers.

Jackie Brown
jackie brown
A fun Quentin Tarantino flick that I think is highly underrated. 

Dead Poets Society
dead poets society

WOW I enjoyed this movie so much. I really hate to say this because of how cliche it will sound but it really is such an inspirational movie.

But I’m a Cheerleader
but im a cheerleader
I’ve always been a fan of campy cult comedies and this really hit the nail on that. I loved the characters and the comedy but I also loved the message of the movie that being gay isn’t a bad thing and isn’t something you should try to change just because the people around you want you to. Its also one of the few f/f romances that I’ve seen in a while that has a happy ending.

This is based off of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon and the Hannibal Lecter series-verse-whatever. This was made back in the 80s and its so wonderfully EIGHTIES. LOL I really enjoyed its aesthetics but the acting from the main actors were incredible. Will Graham, Hannibal, and the main villain The Tooth Fairy really shine.

What We Do in the Shadows
what we do in the shadows

I first watched this movie last year and I immediately fell in love with it. I decided to watch it again on a whim and I fell in love again. Its such a hilariously, well crafted mockumentary that I love. So many jokes. Taika Waititi directed this and has become one of my favorite directors in recent history. If you loved Thor Ragnarok which was also directed by Taika Waititi you should also watch this and Hunt for the Wilderpeople!


I cried the entire time watching this. It’s really no wonder why this WON at the Oscars. The movie is shot beautifully and is so heartbreaking but eye-opening.

Lady Bird
lady bird

Mother and daughter relationships in movies are always an interesting topic for me since I have a really great relationship with my mom. But this movie was really good in so many ways. I related a lot to Lady Bird herself. I really can’t wait to see more movies by Greta Gerwig and also more Saoirse Ronan movies!


The Americans (S1)
the americans s1

I’ve only seen the first season but I already enjoy the hell out of this series. The Americans is a great espionage thriller drama. Can’t wait to continue watching this.


Ugh this show this show. I loved it but also kind of hated it? I think the cinematography and acting is AMAZING and possibly one of the best horror television series I’ve ever watched. Although I had some problems with the pacing and the plot or lack thereof especially during the first half of S3. But overall I really admired this show and its main character Hannibal played by Mads Mikkelsen and Hannibal punny jokes involving eating people.

Land of the Lustrous
land of the lustrous tv series
This is an anime of a manga series I’m currently reading. This involves gems who are non-binary and use they/them pronouns. But the main story is about these gems called The Lustrous and one in particular, Phos, who is trying to find their place in the land. Phos has instantly become a favorite character of mine and I can’t wait to read more of the manga and hopefully a second season.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride
the ancient magus bride

The first half this series aired back in November (don’t quote me on this) and the second half continued into 2018 which wrapped up a while ago. I thought this was a beautiful and magical series that while I thought had some pacing issues since apparently they skip around some stuff in the manga, kept me begging for more each week. I’m keeping my eyes out for the second season whenever that happens.


My Best Friend’s B-Day

Amazon Fire Stick

Got a Library Card!!!

Thanks for reading! Comment down below some things you enjoyed during the month!


February Favorites

Ending off the month with a February Favorites. I see people do these and its a fun way to reveal some other things I love besides books!

Here’s a few things that I enjoyed in the month of February!

  1. Twin Peaks (Seasons 1-2; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)

    twin peaks

    So I finally got around to watching Twin Peaks and I LOVED IT. It instantly has become one of my favorite TV series. There’s so much that made me really invested in the series. The characters are so weird, quirky, complex, and memorable. I have so many favorites like Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Shelly Johnson, Pete Martell, Lucy Moran, Andy Brennan….ugh I have so many more favorites. The cast is just so wonderful. The soundtrack is so great, it has this 50s-ish Noir kind of vibe, it’s so soothing but also ominous. The story itself it great and its interesting to see how the story unfolds especially in the first season. While the 2nd, is pretty meh in the middle of it, I still enjoyed the characters and atmosphere. I also really liked the prequel film Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me about Laura Palmer. I know I also need to watch the revival series that aired last year, so I need to save up some money to get the Blu-Ray and finish the entirety of the series

2. The End of the F***ing World

the end of the fng world

This show, like Twin Peaks, was weird, dark, and wonderful. It’s about two British teens, Alyssa and James, who decide to get away from their dysfunctional home lives and go on the run. The other catch is that James is possibly going to try to kill Alyssa. Yeah, it’s pretty dark. Both characters are really wonderful and complicated. Alyssa is a hot mess and James is possibly a psychopath. But throughout the series you see more sides to them that show they just come from complicated environments and just want true companionship, which they try to find in each other. The soundtrack is also super good. I would highly recommend this show if you like dark comedies with messy characters. Sort of along the lines of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

3. Stranger in the Alps – Phoebe Bridgers (album)

phoebe bridgers stranger in the alps

I’m not sure how much I can go into detail how much I loved listening to this album. The music just really soothes and it was perfect for reading! If you liked indie folk, you’d probably enjoy this as well.

4. Amazon Fire Stick 

I finally got an Amazon Fire Stick and I LOVE IT. I can watch every subscription streaming service I have like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Filmstruck, etc. all in one place. Plus I can finally get rid of my cable.

5. Habitica (APP) 


This is an app that I’ve found very useful in keeping track of my daily routine, habits, and to-do lists! It functions sort of like an RPG-game where you get experience and health either taken or given to you as you check off things you’ve completed.

habitica 2.png

june favorites (non-book related)



Lorde – Melodrama (RATING: 9/10) – lorde is definitely one of my fave female artists of modern pop music and this album proved it. this album!!! everything about Melodrama is just so beautiful and melancholy and bittersweet and passionate. i live for this sad girl at a party vibe. all the songs were so emotional and powerful. i will always cherish her first album Pure Heroine as iconic and symbolic representation of my teen years, Melodrama has taken the place of the sound of my sad young adult years trying to live my life. FAVE SONGS: Green Light, Homemade Dynamite, The Louvre, Liability, Supercut, Perfect Places 

SZA – Ctrl (RATING: 8/10) – so i’ll be honest, i’m still listening to this album and i don’t have an official opinion on it yet. but for the most part i can say this album is filled with pleasant bops and anthems. i had not heard of sza before she was featured on a rihanna song from her album, ANTI called Consideration (which i also love). FAVE SONGS: Love Galore, Drew Barrymore, Prom, Broken Clocks


Never Been Wrong – Waxahatchee
Little of Your Love – HAIM
Want You Back – HAIM
Location – Khalid
On + Off – Maggie Rogers 


Wonder Woman – What more can I say? I know so many people love this movie and I can fully agree that this movie was brilliant! I’m so glad to finally see one of the most iconic female superheroes (honestly just one of the most iconic superhero in general) in her own movie. Also done in the most brilliant way possible. I was also happy that this movie was directed by a female directer (Patty Jenkins). Honestly we need more women making and writing films for women and young girls. Go see this movie! RATING: 9/10


Better Call Saul (Season 3)  – HOLY SHIT. this season ended off with one of the darkest moments on this series so far. if you haven’t started this show, i suggest you start now. tif you haven’t heard of it, this is the spin-off of breaking bad. this show proves that spin-offs don’t have to be a cheap way for the creators to make more money off an existing product. this show is just as clever and smart as breaking bad was. s3 especially was a game change for the characters. the action was picked up. the drama rose and tensions were higher than ever. RATING: 9/10 

Fargo (Season 3) – this season has definitely been the show’s most divisive yet. a lot of risks where taken with the narrative and characters this year that may have either made or break this season. IMO, this season has given me a lot of mixed feelings. i loved the first two seasons and i did thoroughly enjoy and have a lot of fun watching this one, i just cannot compare it as favorably to the first two. even though the first two seasons have their own flaws, i found myself picking out more criticisms of this season than the last two. but i still can’t say that this was a bad season. I enjoyed Ewan McGregor as Emmitt and Ray Stussy. I LOVED Carrie Coon and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Deputy Gloria Burgle and Nikki Swango, both whom I was rooting for the whole sesaon. David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin plays the main villain, VM Varga. He definitely deserves an Emmy nom this year, alongside Carrie Coon and MEW. Also Michael Stuhlbarg as Sy Feltz better get an Emmy nom for his brilliant performance. While I felt the characters were on-par with the usual Fargo-esque quirks tied together with the brilliant writing and cinematography. I think the overall story and plot felt a little…meh. A common criticism I noticed on Twitter for this season was that it was slow and only picked up in episode 8 when a character from S1 returned and I have to agree. Overall, I still love this show, being one of the best written shows on TV right now and I hope there will be more seasons despite the rumors that the show’s creator, Noah Hawley wants to end it to work on Legion and other projects. 😦 RATING: 8/10

Preacher (Season 2) CURRENTLY AIRING ON AMC – i was planning on talking about this when the season came to a close but i have to say that i’m already LOVING this season, especially much more than its first. this show is weird af and its just so much fun to watch these characters and this pretty f*cked up world. i can’t wait to see what unfolds this trio. tulip is still a badass lady who owns my heart, cassidy is hilarious and weird as usual, and jesse is just doing his best on his mission to find GOD.  i’m not rating it now since there’s only been 2 episodes. i can safely say that i am enjoying what i’ve seen thus far. 🙂

so that’s what i’ve liked in june, be prepared for a july favorites at the end of month and ciao!